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Introducing our new design solution for French glass balconies

Choose SKYFORCE from REHAU for safety and a clear view


Generously-proportioned glass façades with floor-to-ceiling openings are a hallmark of modern architectural design. However, in order to comply with national building regulations, designers are required to fit safety barriers once the openings reach a certain height. REHAU’s new SKYFORCE safety barrier system, available to order from November 2019, is a safe and easy way to meet the most exacting design requirements – and it provides a closed evidence chain for regulatory purposes too.

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When combined with a French glass balcony, floor-to-ceiling doors and windows can help a view to flow seamlessly from the inside of the building to the outside. At the same time, they allow façade elements to be opened high up on the building without putting users in danger. REHAU’s new SKYFORCE system, which will be available from January 2020, is a minimalist and incredibly stylish way to fit glazed safety barriers. The barrier’s glass panel is held in place by just two vertical profile clamps, attached directly to REHAU plastic profiles. And in case that’s still too obvious, SKYFORCE uses a concealed mounting system with no visible screws. With its elegant look, the French balcony is a perfect complement to the clean lines of a mod-ern façade, and is designed to fit perfectly into the overall design of the building. 

Safety: signed, sealed and delivered

REHAU has checked every aspect of its SKYFORCE system and integrated every component into a single evidence chain for regulatory purposes, covering everything from the aluminium handrail to the glass and frame. The system has been approved for use with the Euro Design 70, Brillant Design, SYNEGO and GENEO window systems, and is demonstrably the best way to combine French glass balconies with REHAU window profiles.

Glazed safety barriers have to meet a number of legal requirements before they can be used. Regulations governing the height above which safety barriers must be fitted and how high the parapet has to be vary from country to country. In some countries, including Germany, they vary between regions too. REHAU has obtained a German General Building Control Inspection Certificate (Allgemeines bauaufsichtliches Prüfzeugnis, or AbP), a static load certificate in accordance with DIN 18008-4 (Static type analysis) and certificates proving compatibility with REHAU profiles for every component of the SKYFORCE system, so architects, designers and fabricators can all be confident they are working with a safe, certified system.

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Every part fits perfectly

The system is designed to be a perfect match for REHAU window profiles. It’s quick and easy to install, and emphasises the clean lines of any façade. The visible parts are available in REHAU’s standard colours of anthracite grey and white, but they can also be anodised and coated with a variety of other finishes. The SKYFORCE clamp profiles are bolted directly to the window elements, meaning that the clamp profile can be pre-installed during fabrication at the factory. The elegant cover strip is simply pushed on to the system at the finishing stage using simple ‘push and clip’ technology. SKYFORCE is suitable for use with glass railings with glazing heights up to 1,000 millimetres, and will accommodate glass thicknesses of 12.76 or 21.52 millimetres.

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