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REHAU supports SOS Children's Villages in Russia


As a family business, we have always thought long-term and in terms of future generations. Against this background, exciting and new forms of cooperation are constantly emerging. 

For example, REHAU Russia has also been supporting the SOS Children's Village organization for several years. In the European part of the country, REHAU is committed to improving the everyday lives of the children living there. In this way, we want to show that we are taking responsibility for ourselves, but also for other people, and that we want to contribute our share to social coexistence.

Alexander Wagner, the responsible manager at REHAU for charity projects in Russia, was available for an interview and answered a few questions about the partnership.

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Albrecht von Truchseß

Head of Group Communications
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Alexander, how did the partnership with the SOS Children's Villages in Russia actually come about?

Due to structural changes, I only became responsible for charity projects in our market area in 2012. The partnership already existed then, but not yet in its current form.

In my function, I was finally invited by the organization to a workshop in 2016, where representatives of various companies and employees of SOS Children's Villages jointly evaluated in which form companies can commit themselves systematically and in the long term in order to support the aid organization as a company in the best possible way. 

Since this workshop, we have been working even more closely together and have thus been able to implement several projects in recent years. This makes us very proud.

So the partnership has existed for a long time. Exactly how long has REHAU been committed to the SOS Children's Villages in Russia and how many projects have been implemented together since then? 

The cooperation with the organization SOS Children's Villages in Russia has existed for about 10 years. In the first few years, REHAU only realized one or two smaller projects there. In the last five years, however, eight projects have been implemented at various locations of the organization in the European part of Russia.

What has been improved for the families and children in the SOS Children's Village so far?

Even if the proverbial Russian winter in the course of climate change in recent years is no longer quite as extreme as we still know from schoolbooks, the cold period in Russia often lasts from October to April and thus establishes a heating season of seven months.

That is why our commitment - in the case of the SOS Children's Village up to now exclusively with products from the window sector - is so important, because on the one hand we create comfortable, health-promoting living conditions for the inhabitants of the houses in the Children's Villages and on the other hand enable the organization to reduce its heating costs in the long term.

What exactly makes this cooperation so special? 

The SOS Children's Village is the only international aid organization with which we cooperate at local level. This cooperation enables us to demonstrate social commitment in partnership with our local processors.

There are many socially disadvantaged groups in Russia - including full and social orphans, invalids, single seniors - who are supported by non-governmental organizations with a great deal of personal commitment and passion, but usually with very limited funds.

With our help for the SOS Children's Villages we try to start with the weakest and most vulnerable members of society - the children - and help where help is most needed.

What other social projects are close to REHAU Russia's heart?

In addition to the regular requests from the SOS Children's Village, we regularly support other facilities. These include two orphanages in Kolomna (Moscow area), which we help on certain occasions - school start, Christmas, Easter - with small amounts of money to purchase school equipment (clothes, writing materials, satchels) or gifts for the children. We also support schools and kindergartens at our Gshel site.

We also receive many requests for one-off support for renovations in non-governmental, social and church facilities for children, invalids and senior citizens. We have already become active there in recent years with our solutions from the Window Solutions, Building Solutions and Furniture Solutions divisions.

In this context, I am also proud and pleased about the commitment of our own employees. On the one hand, many of our colleagues work on a private voluntary basis, and on the other hand, several thousand euros are collected through our annual Christmas auction in the Moscow administration, where employees from the entire market area offer their handcrafted, self-made exhibits for auction. These funds are used to support an old people's home in Tovarkovo, which is located about 150 km outside Moscow.

Many thanks Alexander for your time.

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