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REHAU Window Solutions further expands its recyclate competence


  • Expansion of recycling plant cements role as innovation leader in the area of sustainability
  • Impressive separation technology of materials from PVC stream
  • Massive investment in future markets
  • REHAU Window Solutions remains leading innovation driver and developer in the topic of closed-loop recycling management

REHAU Window Solutions, together with its subsidiary DEKURA, has installed a recycling plant for separating and sorting old windows and production waste from PVC. This milestone brings REHAU Window Solutions a big step closer to its goal of consistently increasing the recycling rate of the material used in the production of window solutions.

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Erlangen, February 6th 2023 - With the further expansion of the waste window processing plant, REHAU Window Solutions has once again underlined its leading role as a driver and designer of a completely closed-loop economy. The plant optimizes the recycling process and makes it possible to achieve an almost exact separation of different materials in the shredded PVC regrind.

"I am enthusiastic about the high technical performance. Especially the optical separation technology of glass and other materials from the PVC stream underlines the outstanding position of REHAU Window Solutions as a premium system provider in the industry," said Dr. Uwe Böhlke, CEO REHAU Industries.

Cooperation with DEKURA strengthens competitiveness

Together with the PVCR in Runcorn (England) and the recycling activities at the site in Srem (Poland), DEKURA represents a large part of the sustainability activities of REHAU Window Solutions.

"This strengthens our market position and shows that we continue to be a driver and creator in the initiatives for the reprocessing and recycling of old windows. The use of our recyclates in three countries makes us a key player in the European market," emphasizes Carsten Heuer, CEO of REHAU Window Solutions.

Sustainability firmly anchored in the DNA

For a decade, REHAU Windows Solutions has relied on the use of high-quality recycled materials from its own recycling sites. The company's subsidiary DEKURA, for example, takes care of the recycled raw materials from the window profile extrusion processes in two plants.

In the production of one ton of recyclate, for example, the CO2 savings rate compared with virgin material is already well over 50%.

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