Focus on environmental responsibility

Focus on Environmental responsibility

Global business, global responsibility: as a globally active manufacturer with more than 170 locations and about 20,000 employees, we have the opportunity to do a lot for environmental protection. Environmentally friendly conduct is one of our core values. In our own buildings, in our materials research, in production and in the use of our products, we insist on adhering to sustainable standards. We also encourage the environmental consciousness of our employees and select our suppliers based on criteria related to their sustainable conduct. 

Systematic Resource Conservation

Thanks to our numerous programmes and individual measures, we conserve resources in production, administration and sales. In many cases, REHAU even exceeds the legal requirements. Why do we do that? Because everyone involved profits from it: the environment, us as
 a company, our employees and our business partners. Environmental improvements also yield economic benefits. As an environmentally conscious company, we save costs, help our customers act in a more environmentally friendly way and increase our competitiveness. 

For us, environmental consciousness always means the systematic conservation of resources. That’s why we apply an environmental management system certified according to ISO 14001. It defines clear responsibilities, explains processes and provides implementation options. This enables us to identify and avoid environmental impacts as early as the planning phase and determine the best ways of reducing emissions as well as water, gas and energy consumption. Forward-looking conduct is a long-standing tradition at REHAU. 

Just how seriously we take resource-saving conduct is demonstrated by our special budget
for energy efficiency. In recent years, we have repeatedly made large investments to save energy and again set aside a special allocation of €2.5 million for this purpose in 2014. This instrument is one of the most important means of financing expensive measures that will only pay off in the future. It supports our guiding principle of long-term thinking and action: we do not think in short periods, but act in a forward-looking manner. We place great importance on long-term working and business relationships – and sustainable processes that will have as small an impact as possible on the environment in the future. 


Recycling at REHAU

For decades, we have been promoting recycling concepts and push them forward daily.


All 23 REHAU locations in Germany have been certified for their energy efficiency through ISO 50001.

Conflict Materials

We live up to our responsibilities and disclose any inclusion of conflict minerals in our products.


With the organic waste fermentation facility, we use what industry and individuals throw away.