Our Position

For REHAU, sustainability and environmentally conscious behaviour have been a core part of our company philosophy since the beginning. Sustainability is no mere catch phrase for us, but the basis for our corporate thinking and action as well as the foundation for our growth. 

Rainer Schulz (CEO) and Dr. Stefan Girschik (Deputy CEO) report on partial victories, achieved goals and our plans.

Rainer Schulz CEO REHAU

Rainer Schulz, CEO.

One thing has always been clear to us: only by acting in an economically sound manner can we advance the cause of resource-saving processes and make a contribution to the sustainability of society. That’s why we have re-oriented our group structure and are actively shaping our future.

Our report describes which of our sustainability goals we have already achieved, where we have made important strides and where we are just getting started. Our advancements in the field of product development are a good example of the success of our efforts. For instance, we have developed the SYNEGO window profile in line with our latest resource-saving criteria. The result is a product that not only provides outstanding thermal insulation and was developed in a particularly environmentally friendly manner, but is also completely recyclable. This and similar measures to protect the environment have helped us improve across the entire value creation chain – in terms of energy and water consumption as well as the amount of waste we produce, to name a few examples.

Dr. Stefan Girschik Deputy CEO

Dr. Stefan Girschik, Deputy CEO.

We also assume our corporate responsibility by joining with our partners in living according to 
the sustainability principles that we espouse. 
For instance, we’ve been able to persuade many of our suppliers to commit to the same environmental and social principles. By the end of 2014, 37% had already signed the corresponding sustainability agreement, and we hope to have everyone on board by the end of 2015. We also foster responsible conduct on the part of our employees. For example, we have launched an expanded range of e-learning courses that enable employees worldwide to inform themselves about applicable laws and regulations and make it easier to achieve compliance. Our e-learning programs also offer employees the opportunity to participate in ongoing education and training on a range of current topics. This fosters personal development and strengthens our company.

The re-orientation of the group structure and other joint projects to secure the future of the company have required a lot of resources. We have thus had to postpone some important planned activities, including the employee survey. This will now take place in 2015, which has the benefit of allowing us to carry out even more thorough preparations and detailed implementation. The satisfaction of our employees is a crucial component in ensuring the future of our company. Their ideas are the source of our innovation and a critical factor in our common success.