Social Responsibility with a long-term view

Social responsibility with a long-term view

REHAU drives people and people drive REHAU. We place great importance on long-term customer and employee relationships, take responsibility for our employees, and understand that a good working environment is the key to success. Satisfied employees are the best employees. They feel good, are more engaged, please customers with their work and thereby shape the future prospects of the company. 

Our social responsibility

We want to create an attractive working environment for our employees. One of the ways we do this is through our customised working time solutions: because we recognise the great importance of ensuring a good work-life balance, we offer options ranging from reduced full-time hours to variable working hours and mobile work. We also place great importance on training and continuing education. We analyse and support the capabilities of our employees so that they can continue to develop throughout their working lives. But the highest priority with regard to providing a good working environment is this: the safety of our employees. We believe in Vision Zero – accident-free operations – and work with our safety programme to make accidents in the workplace all but impossible. 

People drive REHAU

People drive REHAU: our employees are dedicated and an essential part of our long-term success as a company. So it’s important for us to be there for our employees and provide training and continuing education opportunities. 

Whether it’s our family-friendly conditions, development opportunities or safety in the workplace: these are the things that distinguish REHAU as an employer. For us, the satisfaction of our employees is extremely important. As a polymer specialist and innovative partner, we rely heavily on the creative ideas and initiatives brought forth by our employees. This dedication can also be seen in our suggestion scheme, in which any employee can submit ideas for improving processes, procedures or products and thus advance their own prospects as well as those of the company. In other words: our employees are the engine of our success. Their passion and attention to detail have earned us a reputation of being able to achieve the impossible through intelligent system solutions. We aim to continue on this path and lay the groundwork for a promising future. 


Promoting Diversity

Our teams are becoming increasingly intercultural and our activities even more global.


Training and continuing education are a priority in times of transformation and internationalisation.

Successful Involvement

Together with our employees, we take action to ensure a sustainable future. What does that mean in practice?

Safe and Sound

The safety and health of our employees is a precious asset that we are committed to protecting at all times.

Biogas Plant

Award-winning biogas plant helps against atmospheric pollution, and features many special characteristics.