Product responsibility as an opportunity

Product responsibility as an opportunity

For us, innovation is more than just technology. It is the result of passion
and a pioneering spirit – and emerges from the tireless drive to find the most intelligent solution. One of our greatest strengths has always been the ability
to combine innovation with sustainability. We identify developments at an early stage and adapt to new realities. We have demonstrated that with the restructuring of the group organisation and also day after day through our efforts to create the ideal system solution. 

Innovation as an engine of growth

We file more than 100 patents every year, making us one of the chief innovators in the industry. Dedication that has brought us a long way, and will bring us even further in the future. The global social, environmental and economic challenges call for innovative products – above all in the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energy, water management, the mobility of the future and living and working spaces. The development of these megatrends will shape everyday life and determine how sustainably we live. Products that are produced in a resource-saving manner and can be recycled in environmentally friendly ways are playing an increasingly important role. We long ago understood that environmentally valuable goods are also economically valuable and continually check our internal processes to ensure that we have the right balance between those two success factors.  

What that means in concrete terms: we develop products that are so light they reduce the CO2 emissions of vehicles and aircraft. We do pioneering work by advancing promising alternatives to fossil fuels, as well as conduct research into what opportunities renewable primary products such as bamboo offer for modern architecture. We work at the cutting edge and transform future visions into real opportunities – for everyone.


Hydrogen Technology

Paving the way to the future: the promise of hydrogen technology.

Leightweight Products

Innovative materials, sustainable standards.

Renewable Resources

Promising plants: Growth through renewable primary products.