Strategy in a time of transformation

Strategy in a time of transformation

We define ourselves primarily through our responsibility towards customers, partners and employees. We think in terms of future generations and keep our focus trained on sustainability. A high equity ratio and our commitment to creating a sustainable future enable us to pursue our dedication to the highest quality with passion. That’s why today, we are already working on the answers to the questions of tomorrow. 

The foundation of our actions: sustainability and customer service

If you want to shape the future, you can’t stand still. For our strategy, that means continuity and renewal. Continuity because we continue to live our values in the modern world and renewal because we are actively shaping the future and always striving to improve. We have therefore initiated a comprehensive transformation process to ensure a more flexible and diverse structure that keeps us close to our customers and makes it easier for us to respond dynamically to challenges. This dynamism is also evident in the fact that our employees are now becoming even more active and have greater opportunities to take on responsibility, and good ideas do not become bogged down in long approval processes. We don’t have a standard template for every situation, but benefit from fast processes that enable us to adapt to individual situations and unbureaucratic solutions.

REHAU Sustainability Committee

Sustainability is a top-level priority at REHAU: our Sustainability Committee is directly attached to the Group Executive Board. This means that strategic decisions are made and directly integrated into target agreements and processes.  


Change Process

Our markets are as divers as our range of products. So we've decided to move towards greater specialisation.

Our Guiding Principle

Our guiding principle sets out clear areas of activity in which we have defined important core themes.

Supplier Responsibility

We pursue our environmental and social objectives throughout the entire value chain.