Overview of Indicators

Sustainability Indicators

Environmental Indicators

Water usage per quantity produced

Water usage

Water consumption has been reduced by 17.2% compared to 2009.
We have therefore already made huge strides, but will continue to work on using water even more efficiently. 

Annual water savings*

Cumulative water savings

Water is a precious resource that is not available in equal quantities everywhere. Switching from open-circuit cooling to closed-circuit cooling is one of the ways we can achieve significant savings. 

* relative to the state of technology in 2009 

Annual CO2 savings*

CO2 cumulative

We conserve resources and protect the environment. That’s why we attempt to reduce emissions and save as much CO2 as possible – for example, through highly efficient cooling units in combination with free cooling via dry coolers. 

* relative to the state of technology in 2009.

Specific CO2 emissions

CO2 specific

To achieve our objective by 2020, we have initiated several measures. Among other things, we will focus more on renewable energy in the future. In 2015, we have achieved a reduction of 0,399 kg, which would amount to roughly 70% of the goal. 

Energy usage per quantity produced


As a resource-saving company, energy efficiency is one of the most important objectives for REHAU: within the past five years, we have reduced energy consumption by 6.2% and are working hard to improve this value even further in the years to come. 

Waste disposal EMEA (without the Györ plant)

Waste disposal

We take waste prevention seriously. Since 2012, we have reduced waste in our European plants by 7% relative to the quantity produced. With that, we’re actually above our objective.

Social Indicators

Staff HC (Headcount)


REHAU enjoys stable growth. Our workforce expands from year to year – especially in the automotive sector in ambitious countries in southern Europe and Asia. The staff turnover rate continues to go down. 

Importance of the suggestion scheme

Suggestion scheme

Our employees are highly engaged around the globe. This can be seen in the numerous ideas that have been devised and submitted to us regarding the optimisation of processes and products, and which have saved us millions of euros. 

Number of trainees in Germany


In 2014, we employed more trainees than ever before. The number of young people completing their studies during the time of their traineeship rose significantly.

Number of training courses at the administrative locations worldwide 


The lower number of training courses in the years 2013/14 compared to previous years can be explained by restructuring measures and personnel changes, which resulted in not all training courses being offered, reported or recorded.



Diversity at REHAU is more than just having an international team. For us, gender equality is also a matter very close to our hearts. Although we have increased the share of females across the entire company and particularly on the executive level, we still haven’t reached our objective: even greater integration of women throughout the company.