Sustainability Objectives

Sustainability Objectives

Gaining trust through performance

Our guiding principle for sustainability sets out clear areas of activity in which we have defined important core themes. Binding, testable objectives and measures and programs derived from them provide the framework for the REHAU sustainability strategy.

Environmentally friendly products and solutions

TopicsObjectiveStatus 2014
Focus on an environmentally friendly product portfolioCompile an environmentally friendly product portfolio geared towards an energy and resource-saving contribution throughout the entire product life cycle by 2016Environmentally friendly criteria such as energy efficiency, materials and waste were defined that are now being systematically integrated in relevant decision-making processes through an evaluation matrix. Further approaches in this area are being examined. 

Resource conversation

TopicsObjectiveStatus 2014
Reduce primary energy consumption per tonne of production- 30% by 2020 based on 2009 figures - 7.4 %

Reduce CO2 emissions per tonne of production- 25% by 2020 based on 2009 figures+ 5.1% - We’ve experienced a slight increase due to the changed electricity mix. In 2015 we expect an improvement of more than 15%.
Reduce water consumption per tonne of production- 40% by 2020 based on 2009 figures- 17.2%
Reduce waste in the production process (EMEA) - 2% annually relative to the quantity produced- 7% relative to 2012

Employee satisfaction

TopicsObjectiveStatus 2014
Occupational safety and health: Vision Zero Reduce workplace accidents through improved orientation and training concepts in the plantsWhile the number of reportable workplace accidents improved slightly in 2013, the number rose again in 2014. To ensure a sustained reduction in accident rates, an extensive programme was developed that includes a range of measures to promote a robust safety culture.
Improve health managementCreate a concept for group-wide health management by 2014The foundation was laid for a group-wide concept that will be fleshed out by 2016 and adapted in the various countries thereafter.
Promote the employability of older staffCreate a concept and measures by 2014Due to the restructuring of the group organisation, the concept will be created in 2016.
Increase employee satisfactionConduct the Great Place to Work employee survey in 2014 (worldwide), 360° feedback up to the middle management level (Germany)Due to restructuring, the employee survey will be conducted in December 2015. The 360° feedback programme was introduced in 2014.

Long-term company objectives

TopicsObjectivesStatus 2014
Supplier management: strong commitment to the requirements of sustainability in relationships with business partnersSustainability agreement for suppliers: 100% of our suppliers of production materials, investment goods and transport services will commit to REHAU sustainability principles by 201537% of all defined suppliers signed the sustainability agreement for suppliers by the end of 2014.
Further reinforce compliance within the companyRevise the REHAU Compliance Management System; implement further e-learning optionsThe Legal and Compliance unit was created and a Chief Compliance Officer appointed. Internal regulations with regard to corruption were revised 
and reconstituted and refined in separate anticorruption guidelines.