20 years: REHAU Window Solutions celebrates round anniversary of the success story with Tecnoplast


  • Tecnoplast and REHAU Window Solutions celebrate 20 years of cooperation. 
  • Tecnoplast and REHAU Window Solutions offer a joint performance promise at premium level. 
  • Commitment, performance, sustainability: window professionals benefit from decisive added value through REHAU Window Solutions.

Since the founding of Tecnoplast, REHAU Window Solutions has been pursuing a joint growth path with the Italian window professionals. Now the two partners are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their successful cooperation. The cooperation is an ideal example of how window professionals can profit sustainably from a partnership with REHAU Window Solutions.

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Tecnoplast is one of the big players in the Italian window industry. Now the company is celebrating its 20th anniversary and with it 20 years of an intensive partnership with REHAU Window Solutions.

Since 2003, the passion for successful and sustainable PVC-based window solutions has united Tecnoplast founder Enzo Cammillini with the system provider from Erlangen. Carsten Heuer (CEO REHAU Window Solutions), Ewald Marschallinger (Executive Director Sales Central Europe), Ivano Poletti (Country Manager Italy) and Nicola Lorenzo (Sales Director REHAU Window Solutions Italy) visited Enzo Cammillini and his team on the occasion of the anniversary.

"The entire team of REHAU Window Solutions congratulates the owner family around Enzo Cammillini and all employees of Tecnoplast on the occasion of the 20th anniversary for an impressive business development. The successful partnership between Tecnoplast and REHAU Window Solutions is characterised by high commitment and extraordinary performance," says Carsten Heuer. 

Founder Cammillini started his company Tecnoplast in 2003 in Urbino, Italy (province of Pesaro and Urbino). REHAU Window Solutions has accompanied Cammillini from the beginning. Today Tecnoplast is the most important customer of REHAU Window Solutions in the local market. 

"Tecnoplast's many customers benefit in particular from our joint performance promise at premium level. This is a clear competitive advantage based on a clear commitment to a living circular economy and already meets tomorrow's sustainability standards today," says Heuer.

Cooperation with REHAU Window Solutions stands for high product quality as well as modern services

"Tecnoplast, in close cooperation with REHAU Window Solutions, has made it to the top 3 in the Italian market in 20 years. The local REHAU team has done a great job and always ensured high product quality and modern services. We are very much looking forward to working with the esteemed Cammillini family to make the upcoming product launches of our Slinova and Artevo profile systems the next chapter in this success story," says Ewald Marschallinger. 

The basis of the cooperation has always been founder Enzo Cammillini's absolute belief in the future viability of PVC-based window solutions. As a result, the company grew so strongly that Tecnoplast has moved four times to larger production facilities in order to meet the high demand in the market. Today, the Tecnoplast site in Pesaro covers an area of 40,000 m2. More than 500 PVC windows are produced there every day. 

"The history of 20 years of successful cooperation with TECNOPLAST clearly shows how extraordinarily window professionals can benefit from a stable partnership with REHAU Window Solutions. We are proud of our joint success story, which will continue to provide decisive impetus for the industry throughout Italy," says Ivano Poletti.

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