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‘REHAU – The Movie Tour’

Window Solutions presented a platform for window specialists based on a unique concept


Erlangen, 8 October 2021 – Innovations, exchange and information: about the future of the window industry. And about what REHAU Window Solutions can do to improve business and boost its success. True to the motto ‘Create difference. Grow business’, Division Manager Carsten Heuer and his team welcomed visitors to ‘REHAU – The Movie Tour’. The programme of events was the first joint opportunity for partners in Germany to exchange expertise in-person with the specialists at REHAU Window Solutions since the onset of the Covid pandemic in March 2020 – all within a safe and responsible framework.

‘The period since the onset of the Covid pandemic has been a huge challenge for the industry as a whole. Nevertheless, we have continued to focus resolutely on the success of all our partners and have been fully committed to carrying on with our work. The result of this is innovative and holistic solutions that provide the market with effective answers to global megatrends such as sustainability, digitalisation and urbanisation. Numerous discussions with our partners during the event confirmed to us that we are on an excellent path together,’ says Carsten Heuer.

„REHAU – The Movie Tour“: Unique platform for innovation and interaction

For the event, three cinemas in Germany (in Erlangen, Bochum and Hamburg) were the spectacular setting for a remarkable format: short films presented innovations and highlights from the world of windows as well as new service and software solutions. Fascinating panel sessions and discussion forums, followed by a relaxed and welcoming get-together, were a great finale to the experience. After this came the long-awaited chance to handle and try out products once more. Participants wasted no time taking the opportunity to try out for themselves innovations such as the new WINDOW.ID, Synego Slide or GENEO with the Skyforce safety barrier.

Well-known presenter Maxi Sarwas navigated participants through the programme. Detailed insights were provided by Ewald Marschallinger, Market Area Manager for Central Europe; Stephan Hilke, Sales Director for Germany as of September 2021; and Peter Kotzur, Marketing Director, as well as other members of the team.

‘Feedback from our partners at “REHAU – The Movie Tour” affirmed that, through close dialogue with one another, we are setting new standards in usability, convenience and efficiency as well as design and sustainability. Our customers then benefit from meaningful, long-term business models that offer clear benefits based on well-defined arguments,’ says Ewald Marschallinger.

Premiere: A success story continues

The moderated element of this series of events ended with a genuine new reveal for participants, with Carsten Heuer and his team providing a first peek ahead to a continuation of the GENEO RAU-FIPRO-X success story. Details will follow at the Fensterbau Frontale 2022.

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