RAUVISIO brilliant Roccia

RAUVISIO brilliant Roccia

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The world is full of colors. They send messages, they give direction. With colors we create images, associations, influence trends and make ideas come to life. Polymer specialist REHAU is intensively involved in the new market trends. This is because individualisation fosters desire for variety, diversity and combination options. Entirely independently of countries or cultures.

The topic of surfaces is inseparably linked with international color and decor trends. This is where REHAU with its surface programmes emerges as a trendsetter in the furniture industry. With its concept “Passion for color”, the polymer specialist underscores its competence and innovative prowess. The color concept for 2019 takes its inspiration from nature, from the world of mountains to be exact. It mirrors the expressive colors of fascinating mountain peaks with all their power and majestic appearance. Three shades of grey with completely unique characters, that tell stories about the magic of the Himalayas, the ice worlds of Antarctica or the fiery mountains of Mexico.

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Roccia – the essence of mountains

This grey shade inspires with classic discreetness and cool compactness in equal measure enchanted by the magic of the Himalayan high-altitude mountains.


Grafite – bold in the eternal ice

This grey shade captivates with the elegant, dynamic versatility and numerous possible combinations inspired by the secrets of Antarctica.


Titanio – a glimmer of passion

The passion aroused by the heat of the volcano gives rise to the unique intensity of this grey shade.



All three colors are available for the acrylic laminate RAUVISIO brilliant in high-gloss and matt. In the programme line RAUVISIO crystal, the shades Grafite and Titanio — also in high-gloss and matt — were added.

In order to visualise the effect of the colors in combination with light sources and other surface materials, REHAU has developed a configurator. The three shades can be selected separately in the rear panel and the kitchen island. In addition, the counter top can be combined with five decors of the RAUVISIO mineral programme line. Follow the link www.rehau.com/passionforcolor to dive into the worlds of color.

Unique items - for fashion and brands

If you want the exact colour to reflect the corporate design of a company, hotel or fashion chain, then REHAU also offers the colour of your choice. With RAUVISIO crystal vario, the polymer specialist is expanding its glass laminate to include all uni-standard colours. From a minimum purchase of 20 boards any colour, for example on the basis of RAL scale, can be set to high gloss or matt. The surface properties and the excellent depth effect of RAUVISIO crystal are impressive.

Thanks to its polymeric properties, RAUVISIO crystal can be processed in many ways. The material is bendable and can therefore be shaped into almost any shape. Even free-form parts are possible with the RAUVISIO crystal components.

Two material thicknesses can be manufactured:

  • RAUVISIO crystal vario composite is the glass laminate pressed with MDF and a balancing sheet in white as a large format board.
  • RAUVISIO crystal vario slim is a thin glass panel with a balancing sheet in white.

And if you are looking for even more finishing possibilities, you can be sure that you are working with the right material. Curved surfaces, milling and backlighting give planners and fabricators maximum scope for design.

RAUVISIO crystal Grafite

RAUVISIO crystal Grafite

REHAU inspiriert von der Natur

RAUVISIO brilliant Titanio

RAUVISIO brilliant Roccia

RAUVISIO brilliant Roccia

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