REHAU presents itself at URC 2024 in Berlin as connected, committed and determined


  • REHAU looks back on important participation in Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC) 2024 in Berlin.
  • Numerous intensive discussions show opportunities and potential of integrated REHAU solutions for the reconstruction of Ukraine. 
  • REHAU is a reliable partner for the people of Ukraine with a dense network in the region.

Infrastructure, industry, energy standards or housing: REHAU offers sustainable solutions from a single source to improve the lives of people in Ukraine in what we hope will soon be a period of reconstruction. Representatives of the global company from Franconia spoke about this with members of governments, international organisations, financial institutions, companies, regions, communities and civil society at the URC 2024.

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As a German family-owned company, REHAU, together with a dense and strong network, has been assuming responsibility worldwide for more than 70 years. On this basis, the global company from Franconia now took part in the latest Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC) 2024 in Berlin. REHAU is making a contribution to mobilising further international support for the recovery, reconstruction and modernisation of Ukraine.

REHAU presented itself to more than 2000 participants from more than 60 countries as one of 20 selected German companies with a solution-orientated integrated portfolio from the areas of windows and doors (Window Solutions), buildings and living (Building Solutions) or high-tech components for industry (Industrial Solutions). With its profile, the polymer expert thus stands for premium solutions for the construction of complex infrastructures from a single source.

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"REHAU has been an example of close and successful Ukrainian-German cooperation for more than 25 years. We support the reconstruction of Ukraine according to the principles of Build Back Better and follow the highest standards of energy efficiency and sustainability. At the URC in Berlin, we were able to feel in many intensive discussions how we can make a concrete contribution to the reconstruction of Ukraine. REHAU has been present in Ukraine since 1996 with a highly committed local team. We are and will remain a reliable and strong partner for our local employees and partners. REHAU will continue to assume responsibility in Ukraine," says Carsten Heuer, CEO of REHAU Window Solutions.

REHAU: Sustainable solutions for the reconstruction of Ukraine

In addition to the Window Solutions division (windows and doors), REHAU also has a market-leading position in Ukraine in the Building Solutions and Furniture Solutions divisions, i.e. modern systems for heating and sanitation as well as furniture production.

"REHAU's participation in URC 2024 in Berlin is also a recognition of the many years of successful activities in the Ukrainian market, also and especially by the team there. REHAU is demonstrating active commitment and close contact with the local people, for example by training installers in close cooperation with local vocational schools or initiating a cross-border town twinning between the municipality of Chabany and a municipality in Poland. In this way, REHAU is promoting stronger networking with the EU," says Fedir Omelinskyj, Country Manager REHAU Window Solutions Ukraine.

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Infrastructure, industry, energy standards or housing: Solutions from REHAU's portfolio can enable Ukraine to orientate itself sustainably for the future. REHAU Window Solutions in particular sees these solutions as a great opportunity for the country in the context of securing minimum European energy standards. The exchange at URC 2024 demonstrated opportunities for concrete support on site - and also the need for further close cooperation with employees and partners in the interests of a sustainable Ukraine.

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