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Water controller with safety-optimised technology

REHAU’s RE.GUARD offers a smart way to prevent water damage


Whether it’s from a dripping tap, a leaky threaded connection or a burst pipe, the cost of water escaping uncontrollably can quickly add up. In creating the RE.GUARD water control system, the polymer expert REHAU has developed a smart solution that minimises risks and offers convenient operation to boot.

Statistically, water damage occurs in a residential building every 30 seconds in Germany. And it has particularly serious consequences too, because if the defect is only noticed when it’s already too late, in most cases large parts of the building are already completely sodden. The RE.GUARD water control system from REHAU is a smart monitoring tool for detached and semi-detached houses that monitors the main water pipe using high-precision, durable sensor technology. The award-winning system’s quick and independent response helps in the long term to minimise the risk of serious water damage. 

Smart Monitoring

The RE.GUARD control system monitors the water flow rate in pipes using ultrasound technology, assessing it in real time. As soon as an individually adjustable limit value is exceeded, the system immediately and independently shuts off the main water pipe. To ensure reliable detection of drip-based leaks (that usually go unnoticed and can lead to severe damage), RE.GUARD measures the pressure drop too. The system evaluates the water pressure when the ball valve is closed, in other words when no water is normally being drawn. If a drop in pressure is detected during the measurement, it is a sign of a leak in the pipe system. A few drips are enough to inform the user. The certified Z-Wave wireless standard can be used to position additional flexible RE.GUARD water detectors at sensitive spots such as the washing machine or dishwasher for the purpose of extensive damage prevention, so any emergency situation is instantly detected by means of measuring the floor moisture levels. The water consumption can be tracked using the RE.GUARD app. This helps in the long term to identify potential savings with respect to consumption.

Intuitive installation and central control via an app

New build, renovation or retrofit: thanks to its compact form, the award-winning RE.GUARD water control system can be installed effortlessly on the main water pipe, directly downstream of the water meter and upstream of the domestic water filter, to also guard these. To ensure that RE.GUARD is always able to detect a drip-based leak, however, it must be fitted downstream of a pressure regulator or a combination of both devices (= domestic water station). The intuitive installation assistant makes fitting RE.GUARD a quick and straightforward process, and it can be up and running in just a few steps.

The system is controlled using the RE.GUARD app. It can be used to easily set and adjust parameters and limit values for the sampling duration, sampling volume and flow rate, as well as the time and frequency of drip-based leak measurements. If these limit values are exceeded when water consumption is elevated and the pipes have to be shut off, it is easy to re-open the pipe via the app. It can also be re-opened directly from the RE.GUARD unit.

Secure networking thanks to Z-Wave

All of the RE.GUARD system components communicate with one another via Z-Wave, the encrypted international wireless standard. Z-Wave devices only communicate with one another and with the RE.HUB Gateway. This means that the devices are protected against direct external hacks and that RE.GUARD can be operated without internet access or a cloud connection. The wireless signals are also less prone to interference. The devices’ short transmission time and low transmission power translate into far lower energy consumption and radiation exposure in comparison to a WLAN solution too.

You can find more information on our website at:www.rehau.de/re-guard

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