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Welcome 2 WOW

REHAU Window Solutions creates a unique experience in Erlangen


With its World of Windows (WOW) 2022, REHAU Window Solutions is presenting a unique concept, ensuring effective dialogue with the market on a spectacular event platform in a safe setting. WOW 2022 launches this spring.

Erlangen, 17. December 2021 – REHAU Window Solutions is always focused on remaining close to its partners and maintaining effective communication with them, even under challenging conditions. Welcome to World of Windows 2022! Welcome 2 WOW! One of many highlights will be the presentation of the highly anticipated development of GENEO RAU-FIPRO-X in the window industry.

Press Contact

Sascha Gorhau

Ytterbium 4, 91058 Erlangen
Tel.: +49 9131 92-5586

‘As a system provider that is consistently focused on our partners and employees, health and safety is always our top priority. In the safe yet spectacular environment of World of Windows 2022, we are creating a hybrid concept and connecting the digital and analogue worlds. The result is an attractive and inspiring environment for individual solutions created by REHAU Window Solutions for our partners around the world,’ says Carsten Heuer, CEO of REHAU Window Solutions.

WOW 2022: space for dialogue and interaction in a 600 m2

WOW 2022 at the Erlangen site is an impressive response to the growing needs of the markets for communication, dialogue and innovation. It creates space for dialogue and interaction in a 600 m2 permanent experience. REHAU Window Solutions is thereby continuing to develop its award-winning (German Brand Award 2021) WOW by adding a central, analogue and safe space to its digital experience, enabling people to interact with the system provider’s solutions. 

‘Partners of REHAU Window Solutions will benefit from WOW 2022 as it provides bespoke encounters with innovative solutions in the areas of profiles, smart products, digital services and practical sustainability – in the respective national language and with a personal expert as a point of contact,’ says Peter Kotzur, Director Marketing.

REHAU Window Solutions 2022: successful answers to global megatrends, such as sustainability, digitalisation and urbanisation

‘REHAU Window Solutions is always focused on the success of all its partners and on maintaining effective communication with the market. Our motivated team is fully committed to this every day. In this landmark year of 2022 in particular, we will be presenting numerous innovative and holistic solutions. They will provide the markets with successful answers to global megatrends, such as sustainability, digitalisation and urbanisation. We are looking forward to WOW 2022, together with the entire window industry. This is where we’ll continue to write the success story of GENEO RAU-FIPRO-X together. In the interests of our partners and to provide new options for the future: Create difference. Grow business,’ says Heuer.

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