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World of Windows 2022

REHAU Window Solutions launches World of Windows 2022: Create Difference. Grow Business.


World of Windows 2022 is now open. REHAU Window Solutions is offering innovation and interaction for window professionals from all over the world on its spectacular event platform. Numerous innovations underpin the premium system provider's ambition to keep designing and offering leading solutions for the window industry along the entire value chain. Conceptually, World of Windows 2022 is even more focused on individual options for partners and customers based on a unique and successful sustainability concept. World of Windows 2022 will be offering exclusive insights into spectacular innovations such as the ARTEVO system, the SLINOVA sliding solution or the digital Window.ID until 15 July.


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Erlangen, 21 April 2022 – REHAU Window Solutions has openedits World of Windows 2022. The unique 600 m2 experience in Erlangen ensures that close and effective dialogue can take place with its partners, even in challenging global conditions. The core purpose of World of Windows 2022 is to showcase future-proof premium solutions for the window industry – along the entire value chain and based on a sustainable circular economy.

'Global megatrends are permanently changing society, technology and the retail trade. Expertise, innovation and progress are the foundations on which REHAU Window Solutions is tackling these challenges. World of Windows 2022 shows in an impressive way how, in close dialogue with our partners, we keep offering new attractive options for markets around the world. Here in Erlangen, we are inspiring the industry with systems offering individual added value and showing on a spectacular platform how we translate these in practice into successful business models,' says Carsten Heuer, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) REHAU Window Solutions.

Together with system accessories, smart products, digital services and lived sustainability, the core business forms the modules from which REHAU Window Solutions designs individual success models for its partners. Profile solutions form the basis for additional options. The highlight within this module at World of Windows 2022 is the presentation of Artevo, the eagerly awaited further development of GENEO RAU-FIPRO-X.

'Artevo and the new sliding solutions Slinova and Slinova X perfectly embody the added value of our systems, which the experts at REHAU Window Solutions consistently develop further for the benefit of our partners. The solutions offer a design that not only addresses the needs of end customers and therefore ensures demand at the end of the value chain, but also generates additional business. For example, by integrating new smart products such as Smart Privacy to protect privacy or digital services such as the new Window.ID, which makes processes along the entire value chain and even up to the end of life significantly more efficient and intensifies customer loyalty even more,' says Frank Zimmermann, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) REHAU Window Solutions.

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The Future Window Vision stands out as an absolute gem among the numerous innovations. The window study shows the opportunities for the window of the future. It is designed to inspire the industry and encourage fruitful and productive dialogue with REHAU Window Solutions partners about opportunities for joint future business. The Future Window Vision integrates, for example, various operating concepts such as voice or gesture control, the integration of building technology, renewable energy generation and storage or even the media-based staging of the window in a design. Innovative. Inspiring. Visionary. And exclusively at World of Windows 2022.

REHAU Window Solutions will demonstrate its impressive innovative ability with a wealth of products and services at World of Windows 2022. These enable the premium system provider to give its partners a unique toolbox full of customisable options to clearly position and distinguish themselves in the market. REHAU Window Solutions can provide the decisive advantage at every point in the value chain. This includes marketing and communication, which is the driver and reference for the success of window professionals in the industry. In addition to the practical portfolio and marketing services to support sales, such as the distributor shop or the REHAU Academy, this also includes World of Windows 2022 as an opportunity to offer unique brand experiences at a premium level.

'With World of Windows 2022, we have created something unique with enormous appeal within the industry. All partners of REHAU Window Solutions will benefit from it. This high-quality experience for 360-degree window solutions with a future will also impress their customers. Our partners are using World of Windows 2022 enthusiastically as a platform and flagship. The format provides a unique customer experience that impresses people and is simply good for business. We can sense that. The entire team from REHAU Window Solutions is highly motivated and delighted about the hugely positive response and the large number of bookings. The window industry is really looking forward to World of Windows,' says Peter Kotzur, Director of Marketing.

REHAU Window Solutions will show the markets successful solutions at World of Windows 2022 that translate global megatrends, such as sustainability, digitalisation or urbanisation, into sustainable business models. 'We are delighted to be able to continue writing the success story of the window industry with everyone here in Erlangen until 15 July. All in the interests of our partners and to provide new options for the future: Create difference. Grow business,’ says Carsten Heuer.

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At a glance: the highlights of World of Windows 2022

REHAU's new ARTEVO system is a development of GENEO. This designer window system with clear and angular contours  has been completely redesigned. The result is extremely slim upstands on the outside with small radii and low angular inclination. The force zones integrated into the design provide increased performance and stability. This makes it easy to create larger sashes, even without reinforcements. The use of the patent-pending innovative LowE foil provides a uniquely sustainable solution for passive house certified elements. ARTEVO is deeply integrated into the REHAU Window Solutions system landscape and, with its basic construction width of 80 mm, forms a common platform with the successful and proven SYNEGO system. ARTEVO makes window production significantly easier and increases the range of applications at the same time. Rationalised production provides the basis for window professionals to produce particularly efficiently and cost-effectively.

REHAU SLINOVA and SLINOVA X are new innovative sliding solutions. They are mainly targeted at the markets in Western and Southern Europe. The launch will take place there in June and will present a new standard 80 mm platform based on the same frame profiles. This principle offers numerous advantages. For example, it significantly simplifies logistics and manufacturing by making work steps set up on the production line transferable to a variety of applications. The sash profiles make the difference: for Slinova X, the RAU-FIPRO X material is used selectively. The special material properties enable us to achieve the slimmest centre section ever in a PVC-based system. The result is a comprehensive and impressive solution in terms of efficient production and assembly, energy efficiency and sustainability.

Smart Shading
Smart Shading technology turns window panes into intelligent components. It is one of the fastest and, at the same time, most economical systems compared to existing shading solutions. When the sun shines through the window, the SPD technology gradually makes the pane dimmer, offering effective protection and preventing both homes and offices from getting too warm. Users can control the Smart Shading with a wall-mounted or wireless switch, via the REHAU app, or automatically using additional sensors and smart home devices. The highly customisable use also allows it to be used in listed buildings where roller shutters are not an option.

Smart Privacy
This innovative and visually attractive window solution for protecting privacy will celebrate its market launch in 2022. The intelligent pane of the REHAU smart glass window can actively change its state and switch from transparent to opaque within a few milliseconds. While the Smart Privacy One version changes the state of the entire window surface, Smart Privacy Select also enables individual segments to be switched. This innovative and unique solution provides privacy at the touch of a button and is an excellent option, especially for front doors with side panels. Smart Privacy gives the market a practical and attractive answer to the global megatrends of urbanisation and customisation.

Smart Guard
REHAU Smart Guard Ontop is universally applicable and can be installed quickly and easily on almost all REHAU window systems – also as a retrofit solution. Smart Guard Inline is the new integrated solution that meets the highest standards in terms of appearance and aesthetics. The new REHAU Gateway and the REHAU app create a smart home hub for Smart Guard. The result is a holistic system that is future-proof as well as easy to operate and integrate. This will enable window companies to generate added value and will differentiate them from the competition. Preventative protection against break-ins is consistently linked to sustainable business models and supports the global megatrends of security and digitalisation.

REHAU Connect
REHAU Connect identifies and provides qualified new customer contacts from the local region. The platform provides specific contact data based on individual requirement criteria. Distributors always have the freedom to decide to what extent they approach the customer. REHAU Window Solutions uses an advanced 3D configurator to actively support the sales process and visualise the planned windows in real time. REHAU Connect is the answer to the megatrends of digitalisation and customisation.

REHAU Window.ID increases efficiency for the lifetime of the window. The digital window ID is the guarantee of optimised processes, from production to recycling – with long-term customer loyalty included. It makes processes comprehensive, innovative and forward-looking. It creates a lifelong connection for window professionals to their products. The Window.ID ensures the complete documentation and localisation of future materials. REHAU Windows Solutions thus enables sustainable deconstruction within the completely closed circular economy. This ensures efficiency along the entire value chain and fully satisfied customers. This innovative industry solution can be implemented quickly in all window systems, generates simple added value and is absolutely future-proof.

REHAU window construction software (REF)
REHAU Window Solutions has further developed the REHAU window construction software, REF for short. New features include customer management, a list generator and editor, employee management and the planning of assembly projects. These form the basis for REF to generate even greater added value in production. The modular design of the solution enables the simple and profitable integration of other useful options, such as Window.ID or REHAU Connect, into the system.

EcoPuls is our sign of sustainability in practice. EcoPuls is a mindset and a commitment for REHAU Window Solutions. To sustainability. To responsibility. To consistency. REHAU Window Solutions has proved this millions of times over many years, in numerous products. The EcoPuls label is proof of the use of a pioneering circular economy. Recycled materials ensure the maximum possible sustainability in serial production. Everything from a single source and in all REHAU systems: GENEO, RAU-FIPRO X, GENEO, INOVENT, SYNEGO Brilliant-Design, Euro-Design EcoPuls. Of course, we also integrate SLINOVA and SLINOVA X into this cycle. And ARTEVO as well. Sustainability – a global megatrend.

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