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REHAU commenced operations in India in 1997, with the establishment of a local manufacturing unit in Pune district of Maharashtra to cater to the local industrial market. Since then, it has established 3 plants and employed 600+ aspirants across the country. The Germany-headquartered company is dedicated to beautifying and enriching homes with innovative solutions. REHAU prioritises and delivers superior solutions - from product design to applications - while providing superior variety in terms of choice. With more than 1000 direct customers and nearly 2500 retailers, REHAU has exceeded expectations by establishing an enormous client base in India. With 4 offices and 2 experience centres, 6 warehouses and a huge sales network spread across the country, REHAU in India has become a polymer leader by rapidly capturing the market and managing its operations. It offers a wide range of products that enable customers to experience premium quality and raise their standards. These product choices are versatile enough to accommodate new changes and that too with convenience. REHAU ensures that a positive difference is made through quality, innovation, and choice. REHAU is equally concerned with ecological and resource protection. In kitchens, our goal is to improve the finish and aesthetics of modular kitchens. We endeavour to provide high-quality, sustainable products.

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Dr. Veit Wagner

President Supervisory Board REHAU Group

"We think about our solutions holistically. Not just in terms of product, but also in terms of service. This has made us a trusted partner of the furniture industry for more than 70 years and gives our customers confidence in us moving forward. Today, we are the single source solution provider for professionals all over the world and we continue this journey with a clear goal: Enabling exceptional design. With perfectly matched furniture components – both in design and quality – and thoughtful service packages, we allow designers and creatives to do what they do best: Build beautiful, unique spaces.

We do this with expertise, innovative drive and heart. As a family owned business, we act sustainably and always look out for our employees, our partners and the planet. So that all customers can rely on REHAU products with real peace of mind."

REHAU Global

A global leader in polymer processing technologies When Helmut Wagner founded REHAU in 1948 with just 2 employees, he illuminated the way forward with the principles of competence, passion, and innovation. Today, REHAU is an independent, family-owned company that has over 20,000 employees across 50 countries. In every part of the world, the brand is redefining the interaction between our products and customers by engineering progress that enhances lives. For the past 70 years, the ambition to enhance the lives of people around the world through innovative polymer-based solutions, along with the lessons from our predecessors, has been the driving force behind REHAU’s success. Through our vigorous zeal and relentless efforts, we redefine what is possible in construction, automotive and industry, every day. Our insightful knowledge of the market and materials, complemented by tremendous experience in technology and manufacturing processes, allows us to cater to wide-ranging needs with customised solutions. This includes improving road safety, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of homes, reducing energy consumption in buildings, and more. As a family-run business, we think and act with a view to future generations – keeping with the principles of sustainability. By remaining focused on the growing importance of quality, efficiency, and sustainability, we will continue our odyssey to make lives safer, healthier, and more efficient across the world.

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