Shimla mist

Drift amidst the clouds in a celestial realm, nestled in mystic mists that imbue your being with a profound sense of renewal and tranquility.

With REHAU Shimla Mist Kitchen, create a space that conjures an otherworldly atmosphere infused with the crisp freshness of mountain air. The soft and dreamy color palette crafts an ambience of elegance and grace, mirroring the glistening haze that envelops the town of Shimla. Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of this kitchen, where every culinary endeavor and shared meal is a testament to relaxation.

REHAU Shimla Mist Kitchen engenders a serene and enchanted space that caresses your senses and nourishes your soul.

AGI_1128214179_CL - 1091648


FS_Shimla_Mist_03 - 1115305
FS_Shimla_Mist_01 - 1115307
FS_Shimla_Mist_05 - 1115303
Prussian Blue 5001R - 1108492

Bianco 5005R - 1108520

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