REHAU 2020 - Astronautenhandbuch Vision Company Values Mission Focus Smartify Simplify Inspire

Our Mission

As an attractive employer, our primary goal is profitable, diverse growth based on increasing value creation. Specifically, this means:

  • REHAU concentrates consistently on the market and the customer, taking economic, ecological and social sustainability into account.
  • Through operative excellence and digital networking in production and the supply chain, we position ourselves as a technology leader in polymer production methods and material development, with smart and efficient services for our customers worldwide.
  • We promote new business models passionately and in a solution-oriented manner, cooperating with partners and enhancing our expertise through targeted future investments and acquisitions.

The megatrends individualisation, digitalization, mobility, sustainability and new work influence our actions and behavior. They offer guidance on the road we want to pursue, but at the same time are a source for new ideas and ways of thinking in order to keep REHAU 2020 on the correct path.