Convenience for melting snow and ice in residential and commercial projects

Snow and ice melting

Key benefits

Snow and ice melting (SIM) systems eliminate snow and ice build-up, increasing the safety of surfaces where people walk and drive. By keeping these areas clear of the frozen elements that can cause accidents, a SIM system can reduce your liability exposure.

The automated convenience of a SIM system eliminates the hassle of coordinating snow removal.  No more property damage from plow trucks.  You also don't need to use salt at entrances, so it isn't tracked all through your building. 

Peace of mind
If it is snowing, the SIM system will start working.  The only thing you notice is the snow and ice quietly melting.  There are no snow plow contracts to worry about or incidental truck damage to your property as snow is removed.  

How it Works

  • In a SIM system, a warm water/glycol solution is circulated through a network of RAUPEX® pipes embedded in an outdoor surface, in order to melt the snow and ice above.
  • System controls continually monitor data provided by outdoor sensors and ready the system to begin melting.
  • WiFi connected controls calculate the most efficient use of energy by anticipating forecasted storms. After the surface is clear it automatically shuts off.
  • REHAU has the engineering expertise to help you design a system with output capacity geared to the specific conditions in your geographic area.

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  • The first step is to create a SIM design to properly size system components. LoopCAD is the recommended design software. 
  • This guide can help you define system performance expectations, using data from ASHARE. 
  • SIM systems are typically installed in concrete slabs, but are sometimes used under paving stones.
  • A manifold is installed near the SIM area that will connect to the pipe circuits
  • RAUPEX is secured to foam insulation or wire mesh/rebar to make a circuit, back to the manifold
  • Concrete is poured over the PEX or sand and paving stones are placed above

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