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“The second I saw it, I knew it was what I was looking for. I could envision using it throughout the store.”

-- Kim Christopherson, business manager for Village Eye Clinic & Optical

Village Eye Clinic & Optical | Retail Store | Minneapolis

RAUVISIO Serves Double Duty in Twin Cities Eye Clinic

As the business manager for Village Eye Clinic & Optical in the Minneapolis suburb of Blaine, Kim Christopherson’s work is all about vision. It’s no surprise, then, that she saw things clearly when it came time to give the store a makeover in early 2018.

“We knew we really wanted a modern look,” Christopherson says about replacing the clinic’s storage cabinets and retail display areas. Leah Krig, project manager at custom cabinet maker Northland Woodworks, suggested REHAU RAUVISIO for several sets of cabinet doors, and she didn’t stop there. Krig also suggested using the RAUVISIO urban surface in white as a backdrop to the clinic’s eyeglass displays.

RAUVISIO urban is a PET tone-on-tone patterned surface that features glossy white highlights on a super matte white background. Used as a backdrop, the RAUVISIO panels help the eyeglasses pop – precisely what every retailer wants.

“The second I saw it, I knew it was what I was looking for. I could envision using it throughout the store,” Christopherson says.

In addition to choosing RAUVISIO for display backdrops, she ended up using RAUVISIO for upper cabinets in the fitting area as well as two sets of cabinets at the reception desk. The product’s trademark REHAU LaserEdge zero-joint edgeband, which provides a seamless transition between cabinet fronts and edges, helps create the clean look that Christopherson was after.

“What I like just as much as its clean look is its durability. It’s not going to scratch,” Christopherson says.

Krig says she appreciates the product’s flexibility. Northland Woodworks primarily creates cabinets for private homes, but she knew the RAUVISIO line would fit perfectly in a retail setting. “It’s a contemporary look that really draws people into the space. It’s bright and exciting.”

ProjectVillage Eye Clinic & Optical
Project TypeRetail store, remodeled 2018
Cabinet Manufacturer Northland Woodworks
DistributorHoldahl Company
REHAU ProductsRAUVISIO urban™ with perfectly matched REHAU LaserEdge™ technology

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