What is BIM and what are the benefits?

Nutzen von BIM

Building Information Modeling (BIM) describes a method to represent buildings over their entire life cycle with all their relevant information. Before the ground-breaking ceremony, all building data is combined and networked using software so that a virtual building model is finally available with which all persons involved in the project can work with.

With this approach, potential conflicts and problems can be avoided before they lead to delays and rescheduling on the construction site. Design risks are reduced, project quality increases and adherence to schedules and costs is optimized through greater transparency and control throughout the entire construction process. The finished building data model can also be used for management and operation (facility management).

BIM describes the working method, but for its execution appropriate software tools and above all product data of the manufacturers are required. REHAU offers its customers the required BIM content from a variety of REHAU products that can be used in different BIM platforms.

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