BIM Virtual Reality

Immerse yourself in virtual reality and experience REHAU BIM solutions on your smartphone. How does it work? It's simple: scan one of the following QR codes with your smartphone, insert the smartphone into a card board and experience the REHAU product and system solutions in a virtual environment.

You don't own a cardboard? No problem: even without a cardboard, you can view the solutions in a 3D model. Use your smartphone to scan one of the QR codes or select one of the links directly on your computer. This section is continuously updated with further 3D views.

Notice for use: With the latest iOS update, Apple has included the function “Motion & Orientation Access”. Please activate it under "Settings > Safari > Motion & Orientation Access". In case you have previously used the ISH version of the views on your iPhone, please delete the cache once under "Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data".

REHAU start

or scan QR-code:

qr_rehau-start_bim-vr - 70995

Radiant heating

or scan QR-code:

qr_flaechenheizung_bim-vr - 70991


or scan QR-code:

qr_geneo_bim-vr - 70992


or scan QR-code:

qr_re-source_bim-vr - 70994

Chilled ceiling

or scan QR-code:

qr_deckenkuehlung_bim-vr - 70990


or scan QR-code:

qr_re-guard_bim-vr - 70993

It is that easy to experience BIM VR:

BIM-VR erleben

BIM-VR erleben

qr_rehau-start_bim-vr - 70995

BIM-VR erleben


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