The smart entry-level solution

Tap into the benefits of digitalisation from just one shelf upwards

Even small shops without a comprehensive merchandise management system require dynamic price labelling and professional displays for their goods and services.

The KIOSK system caters to precisely these types of needs.

The KIOSK system features:

  • Check and change prices and product descriptions comfortably in the store or from home using a PC, tablet or smartphone.
  • Simple operation and installation

KIOSK system

KIOSK software

As easy as using a cashpoint

The KIOSK software in the form of an intelligent browser solution enables simple and secure access from all web-enabled devices such as PC, smartphone or tablet.

The KIOSK software features:

  • Pre-designed layouts for price display, product description or company logo
  • Intuitive operation
  • Sales campaigns can be planned quickly and easily

KIOSKpro – the multi-shop manager

Specially developed add-on modules for the KIOSK software enable you to centrally manage several decentralised shops.

You can thus easily manage, start or end price and promotion campaigns simultaneously in several countries.

With just the click of a mouse, you can make sure that no price tag or promotional message on a shelf has the incorrect content or is presented in the wrong way or at the wrong time.

And you can do this all remotely, without a manager needing to be on site in person.


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