Netiquette for respectful interaction on social media (comment guidelines)

We at REHAU would like to inform and inspire you with our social media channels and look forward to contact and exchange with you! We value open discussions and feedback. To ensure that everyone feels welcome to contribute, there are rules for factual and constructive participation in our social media activities.

We reserve the right to delete or report individual comments without giving reasons in the event of violations of our rules and to exclude users from our channels in the event of serious or repeated violations. 

Instructions for behavior on our social media channels

We welcome your opinion! When commenting on a post, please make sure that you:

  • relate to the topic of the respective post
  • provide and discuss feedback in a factual and constructive manner
  • respect copyrights
  • be polite and respectful; insults are unacceptable.

Our users are responsible for their own comments.

What we do not allow:

  • Discrimination against individuals, for example, based on their religious affiliation, origin, nationality, physical condition, income level, sexual identity, gender, or age
  • Unprovable statements of fact, false information and suspicions, especially if they are damaging to the business
  • Insulting, pornographic, criminal or defamatory comments
  • Comments that do not deal with the topic of the respective post
  • Incitements to violence
  • Commercial posts, election or party advertising, appeals for donations, spam or calls for demonstrations
  • Data worthy of protection such as private addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers or private correspondence
  • Automatically or machine-generated comments (e.g. bots)
  • We reserve the right to check links to external websites and remove them if necessary

We want to create an environment that is consistent with our values and where everyone feels comfortable participating in the exchange of opinions. We look forward to a constructive exchange!

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