Digital pricing and digital signage without limits

We don’t stop at three colours

If you’re looking for sleek, dynamic price labelling (ESL) and advertising (digital signage) on your shelf, then the PRIME system is right for you.

The PRIME system features:

  • Flexible positioning of displays on the shelf through power and data rails
  • Intelligent and dynamically controlled price display
  • Accurate display of logos and images in 65,000 colours

PRIME system

From single display to modular system


  • 2 x data lines (RS 485, secured differential signal)
  • 2 x power supplies (9V secure low voltage, DC)

Carrier profile

  • Easy to click
  • Suitable for standard shelves
  • Customer-specific adjustments possible
  • Flexible display positioning


  • Integrable LED belt module

Get the internet on your shelves

The ideal connection between stationary trading and the online world by flexibly integrating APIs.

The system enables the integration and display of all desired information available online or as a database about products and buyer groups.

This provides the buyer with a holistic buying experience and the applications for sales promotions can be developed without limits.

Possible API integrations:

  • Bonus programmes
  • Competitions
  • Sports results
  • Weather forecasts
  • Time displays
  • Facebook events
  • Stock quantities available
  • Allergen information
  • Ingredient information
  • Customer reviews from the communities

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