RAUKANTEX wood real wood veneer edgebands

RAUKANTEX wood real wood veneer edgebands

The best match for a real wood board is real wood veneer edges.

The original feel, the natural look and the light smell of wood are convincing all along the line. As a natural material, every metre has its own distinct character. Every tree and thus every piece of wood is unique. Real wood veneers create a warm and inviting atmosphere of well-being and a piece of nature in every home.

Advantages in processing:

  • Real wood feeling
  • Natural look through knotholes and colour changes
  • Can be processed with conventional edge banding machines with hot melt or dispersion adhesives
  • Sanded ready for painting
AGI_1178687242_CL - 114062
AGI_1152927257_CL - 114059
AGI_1124732947_CL - 114057

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