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Smart Glass Window Solutions

Comfortable. Efficient. Modern.

Comfort, safety and functionality are the be-all and end-all in local and long-distance passenger transport.

The systems and components installed in the interior must adapt to these requirements and at the same time meet the modern demands of the passengers.

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Smart Glass Window Systems

Old darkening and roller shutter systems are a thing of the past.

Electrically switchable windows are used to darken and shade rooms or departments. Above all, windows based on SPD technology are already used in interior areas of aviation.

By integrating the darkening element into the glass window package, with an accompanying reduction in thickness to a few micrometres, the shading element is better protected against vandalism and mechanically maintenance-free.

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An SPD (Suspended Particle Device) train window consists of an SPD foil and a glass window package. The SPD foil is coated on both sides with transparent electrically conductive material (ITO - Indium Tin Oxide). In between is a gel-like liquid that carries small, freely movable particles (< 1┬Ám).

The glass window is darkened (dark blue) when switched off. As soon as a rectangular voltage is applied, the fine particles align themselves with the electric field and the window becomes transparent.

If the voltage drops on the transparent conductors on the outside, the particles return to a disordered structure and the window is darkened again.

A dimmed state, between transparent and darkened, can also be set continuously.


  • Change from opaque to transparent due to colloidal particles aligning in the electric field
  • Mechanically maintenance free
  • Privacy and thermal protection
  • Stepless control possible
  • Everything from one source: profile technology, controlling units, mechanics, electrics
  • Modern system, no need for roller shutter mechanics

Smart Glass Suspended Particle Device:

  • Blocking of 95% visible light spectrum
  • Blockade of 99% UV light spectrum
  • Blockage of 86% IR light spectrum

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