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The design standard in modern retail cannot drop when it comes to electronic solutions.

With its innovative cover, the STYLE system fulfils the need for flexible colour display and even, clear and easy-to-clean surfaces.

The STYLE system features:

  • Flexible positioning of displays and sensors on the shelf through power and data rails
  • The shelf becomes an interactive interface between the shopper and the world of retail
  • Optional integrated LED lighting to perfectly illuminate the lower shelf
  • Customer-specific adjustment (e.g. colour) is possible

STYLE system

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From single display to modular system


  • Transparent cover, frame available in a variety of different colours


  • 2 x data lines (RS 485, secured differential signal)
  • 2 x power supplies (9V secure low voltage, DC)

Carrier profile

  • Easy to click
  • Suitable for standard shelves
  • Customer-specific adjustments possible
  • Flexible display positioning


  • Integrable LED belt module

Easy to clean

Accidents can happen when handling products and liquids.

The STYLE system's cover not only protects the electronics against the ingress of liquids and dust, but also enables quick, hygienic cleaning thanks to its even surface.

The STYLE system cover features:

  • Innovative display and sensor protection against damage and theft
  • Additional optional locking systems

When things disappear, it’s not always a case of magic

It might not make much sense, but electronic components in public areas are often coveted and stolen.

In the STYLE system, the sensors and display are protected under the cover. Additional locking mechanism can be installed if required.

STYLE system

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