RAUVOLET metallic-line tambour doors

RAUVOLET metallic-line tambour doors

The classic solution for your kitchen

This RAUVOLET metallic-line tambour door system combines the premium feel of aluminium or stainless steel with the comfort, convenience and practicality of polymer tambour door systems. Available with 20 mm, 25 mm or 50 mm slats and a broad range of accessories, RAUVOLET metallic-line is an outstanding option for creative interior design.

Its timeless metallic look makes it a perfect fit, a huge range of colours and designs, a wide choice of track systems, handles and slat widths gives you plenty of flexibility when planning your interior. It’s no wonder RAUVOLET metallic-line is the solution of choice for kitchen designers all over the world.

Why choose RAUVOLET metallic-line?

High-quality finish

Thanks to a combination of aluminium and environmentally-friendly polypropylene

Great feel

Thanks to outstanding workmanship

Quiet, smooth mechanism

Thanks to REHAU’s component technology

Plenty of design options

Choose between 20 mm, 25 mm and 50 mm slats

Simple installation

Using a ‘plug & play’ system

Design and order

Using our tambour door configurator - with no minimum order quantities


RAUVOLET metallic-line tambour doors
RAUVOLET metallic-line tambour doors
RAUVOLET metallic-line tambour doors


E6EV1_1200x1200_381337_1 - 381337


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Brushed stainless steel


Specifications for RAUVOLET metallic-line

Application    Suitable for horizontal or vertical use
Horizontal track system   Rear wall/side wall recessed CLASSIC
Rear wall recessed FLEX
Rear wall/side wall top-mounted TOP
Rear wall/side wall front-mounted FRAME
Mechanism for vertical application

Caddy brake
C6 Vertical counterbalance mechanism
C8 Vertical counterbalance mechanism
C3 installation kit – C3 roller mechanism
C Box cassette system – Coiled C3
C Box cassette system – Spiral

ProfileThickness: 8 mm
Cover width: 20 mm or 25 mm; 50 mm available only as part of a standard set
Installation height

600 x 1,000 mm
600 x 1,500 mm
900 x 1,000 mm
900 x 1,500 mm
Board thickness: 18/19 mm


Assembly and installation

For full installation details, consult our assembly instructions.

Engineering progress

Enhancing lives


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