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Sound insulation and energy saving for mosque

REHAU uPVC windows fulfill all requirements

The Ahlul Bait Mosque was built in Cape Town.  The construction of the mosque was completed last year and the official opening held in December 2017.  

The mosque has been fitted with REHAU uPVC windows and doors, painted brown, with either single or double glazing, to suit the building style of the mosque. The uPVC windows were formed into a keystone arch shape and have an intricate detail of the sun and its rays, also done in painted uPVC from REHAU

The architect, Rafiek Conrad, specified REHAU uPVC windows and doors, as uPVC is the best-suited material for bending into two directions on an axis.  It is impossible to do this with aluminium and very costly in steel or wood.  " I chose REHAU uPVC windows and doors as uPVC has many advantages.  Besides having sound reducing properties, uPVC windows and doors are low maintenance, very robust and  they can be painted to suit the customers' requirements," says Conrad.

T & T Plastics, a REHAU Authorised Partner, manufactured, painted and installed a total 60 uPVC windows and 6 doors.  The uPVC profiles were shaped by forming the heated profiles in a jig made especially for this project. 

The mosque has some more impressive statistics:

  • It has more than 70 000 ceramic tiles crafted into beautiful mosaics. These tiles were manufactured and baked in Iran and imported to South Africa.  Each tile was specifically manufactured for its panel.  The client chose specific scriptures for each entrance and under each window. 
  • The dome has been beautifully finished both inside and outside.  The inside of the dome was hand painted.  The structure of the dome had to be specifically engineered to hold the weight of the chandelier.

The Ahlul Bait mosque is an example of ingenuity and dedication, with attention given to fulfill the minutest detail as required by the customer.

Location  Cape Town, South Africa
SystemREHAU 60mm uPVC Window System
FabricatorT&T Plastics, Cape Town
Architect Joshua Conrad Architects
Special features

Painted REHAU uPVC windows shaped into keystone arches with sun detail.

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