House Bottelary Pano - 95648

Double-glazed uPVC windows & doors with integral blinds

The newly-built property is situated in the upmarket Koelenbosch Country Estate in the wine farm area of Stellenbosch, Western Cape.   The homes in this estate have a typical Cape Dutch look with white exterior walls and dark roofs.  REHAU's white uPVC windows and doors fit in very well with this look.  Glasfit, a REHAU Authorised Partner, manufactured and installed the windows and doors to the customer's specifications. 

The client chose REHAU Tilt/Turn windows, Securi Slide & Fold door and a French door for his property.  All windows and doors are fitted with double glazing and boast integral Venetian blinds between the two panes of glass.   Security locking systems were added to increase the safety at home.  

"The home owner chose uPVC windows and doors for their excellent energy saving characteristics, as well as their durability, thermal insulation and increased safety.  The integral blinds also protect the home owners from the glare of the sun, which is very bright in the summer months," states Theo Butler from Glasfit.

Location  Western Cape, South Africa
SystemREHAU 60mm uPVC Window System
FabricatorGlasfit, Brackenfell, Cape Town
Special features Double glazing with integral blinds
House Bottelary TT window - 95651
House Bottelary 2 - 95634
House Bottelary 4 - 95643
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