Dundee FET College Majuba Front Elevation ZA - 17171802

REHAU Ecotec uPVC window system, energy efficient for college

REHAU Authorised Partner Ecovista, based in Durban, recently manufactured and fitted the Ecotec 60mm uPVC window system to the newly built Majuba FET College in Dundee, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.

 REHAU’s Ecotec system was chosen for the following benefits:

  • Excellent sound proofing qualities to enhance the learning environment
  • Extremely low maintenance to keep aesthetics high
  • Glazed with Low-E coated glass to provide superior energy efficiency due to the fluctuating temperatures experienced in this area 

The installation was unusual in that certain windows had to be fixed directly to steel girders. Standard fixing methods would not allow for this and adaptor plates had to be manufactured to ensure the final fitting was to REHAU specifications and that the windloads detailed in the NBR were achieved.  Draught-proof cover strips were added to ensure that the thermal envelope integrity was maintained to provide energy savings. 

The gate house was fitted with casement top hung, opening out windows for normal ventilation, coupled to a sliding window system, for ease of student entry identification. 

REHAU’s Adrian Baker supported ECOVISTA throughout the process from manufacture to final installation, ensuring that the project was completed to REHAU specification and client satisfaction. 

The project consisted of 134 top hung, opening out windows coupled to fixed frames glazed with toughened Low-E and laminated safety glass.

Location  Dundee, KZN, South Africa
FabricatorEcovista (Durban)
ComponentREHAU Ecotec 60mm uPVC window system
CustomerMajuba FET College
Majuba FET College Dundee 1 WS ZA - 44783994
Majuba FET College Dundee 2 WS ZA - 44791794
Majuba FET College Dundee 3 WS ZA - 44798407

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