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Wind and sun exposure calls for fenestration solution with tight seals

The property is exposed to heat and winds at high speeds, thus requiring tightly sealing, energy efficient windows and doors.

The beautiful home is nestled against the foot of Table Mountain and recently underwent major refurbishment.  Due to the sun and wind exposure, at times accompanied with high wind speeds, the owners decided to replace the windows and doors with a more energy efficient fenestration system.

They chose REHAU uPVC windows and doors due to their durability, high quality and effective sealing benefits.  REHAU's double sealing gaskets ensure a tight seal between the window/door and frame, which is especially helpful during the hot and windy months in Cape Town.

Furthermore, all windows and doors are fitted with double glazing for energy efficiency and temperature control inside the home.  Due to the high summer sun exposure, the windows on the top floor have tinted glass to keep the heat out of the home.

The tilt-turn windows are fitted with multi-point locks, increasing the security of the home, which is another benefit that influenced the home owners decision to specify REHAU.

The windows and doors were manufactured and installed by Völkel & Sons uPVC Windows, a REHAU Authorised Partner, using REHAU's uPVC profiles for the frames. REHAU's profiles are engineered to be durable and are high quality, UV stable PVC suitable for the harsh climate experienced in coastal regions.  They will not need painting, varnishing or sanding.

Location  Western Cape, South Africa
SystemREHAU 60mm uPVC Window System
FabricatorVolkel & Sons uPVC Windows
ArchitectJeanette Schachler
Special featuresWind resistant, double glazing
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