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Refurbishment with modern uPVC windows and doors from REHAU

The home owner replaced all wooden windows and doors with modern REHAU uPVC

The wooden windows and doors at this residence needed to be replaced due to their deteriorating condition. The owners did some research and contacted Glasfit in Brackenfell to discuss the advantages and benefits of REHAU uPVC windows and doors.

It was decided to refurbish the entire home of more than 40 windows and doors with a modern alternative, that offers more benefits to the owner and increases the property's value.

Glasfit manufactured the casement windows, Tilt/Turn windows and sliding doors for this project.  They were all fitted with double-glazed sealed glass units consisting of a laminated outer glass pane and toughened safety glass inner pane for increased safety.  All windows and doors have espag security locking hardware.

The REHAU uPVC frames and glass combination also ensure a quiet ambience in the home.  It is important for the owner that the family is able to  relax at home without being disturbed by external noise.

The fact that REHAU uPVC windows and doors are low maintenance was an added bonus for the home owner and guided him to choose REHAU uPVC above other traditional window systems.

Location  Western Cape, South Africa
SystemREHAU 60mm uPVC Window System
Special features Double glazing, safety locks
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