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House Arama's coloured uPVC windows match brown aluminium windows

REHAU Authorised Partner, New Look Window Systems from Cape Town, was recently requested to replace brown single glazed aluminium windows with thermally efficient uPVC windows on the top floor of House Arama.

The brief from the client required that the uPVC windows match the colour of the aluminium windows on the ground floor, achieve noise attenuation and be energy efficient.

The painted uPVC profiles proved to be an excellent colour match to the client's existing aluminium windows. The paint is a specialised product for uPVC with heat reflective properties and UV stability.

The double glazing used will fulfil the sound reduction and energy savings needed by the client.

REHAU coloured uPVC is becoming increasingly popular as customers realise they can enjoy the benefits of thermally efficient windows in a wide range of RAL colours, using single or double glazing. REHAU uPVC windows have a wide gasket overlap to provide optimum protection against dust, wind and rain. They require little maintenance and are easy to clean.

Location  Cape Town, South Africa
Type of projectResidential refurbishment
ComponentREHAU tritec 60mmr

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