House Johannesburg 6 - 99755

Upgrade of private residence

Referral results in upgrade of residence in Johannesburg. Replacement of outdated windows and doors with modern uPVC with double glazing, security hardware. 

Friends of the owners of this property recently installed REHAU uPVC windows at their home and were very happy with the service and product they received.  The owners decided to also have their home upgraded with uPVC windows and doors, manufactured and installed by the same company, Elitetec uPVC Windows (Pty) Ltd, a REHAU Authorised Partner.

All the windows and doors were fitted with double glazing, the outer pane of glass being reflective glass.  The combination of double glazing with reflective glass will increase the energy savings achieved with  uPVC windows even more.  Once the installation was complete, the owners immediately noticed that their home is quieter, since the outside noise was greatly reduced due to the new windows.

As safety is always a concern, the owners requested that security hardware be installed.  The multi-point locking mechanism grips into the steel-reinforced uPVC frame at several points.

Furthermore, knowing that the windows and doors will last more than 20 years AND that the maintenance work on the uPVC window and door frames will be minimal (ie wiping the dust off) have put their minds at ease.  

Location  Gauteng, South Africa
SystemREHAU 60mm uPVC Window System
FabricatorElitetec uPVC Windows 
Special features Double glazing, safety hardware
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