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Profiles & accessories

Finding the right slats and accessories is the key to the perfect tambour door. REHAU has an enormous range for you to choose from.

Tambour door profiles

The profile has to fit your space. We’ve got a wide range for you to choose from with the right solution for your project.

12 mm profiles:


SE16_600x600_366121_1 - 366121

Special profiles:



Rollladenprofil vetro-line

Tambour door accessories

Having the right accessories makes your whole project even easier.

Recessed handle

Finger Grip

  • 150mm available in black, iceberg white and silver
Cam lock

Tambour (Cam) lock

  • Multipoint Lock
00010722_14821_0 - 14821

Grip section

  • Aluminium handle profile
  • Handle cover available in black, charcoal, iceberg white, silver, white.
  • Handle guides
00014883_14827_0 - 14827


  • Available in black, charcoal, folkstone grey, iceberg white, white

  • 2, 4 and 5 way snail tracks available in black.
  • 90⁰ Corners available in black, charcoal, folkstone grey, inceberg white
CLASSIC track system

CLASSIC Track system

  • Classic track system
  • Recessed running track



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