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REHAU uPVC windows triumph over nature 24 year old installation continues to impress

Most of our case studies focus on new installations and recent projects, but from time to time, we like to revisit installations to see how they are performing. With this in mind, REHAU requested that the windows and doors, installed at the apartment building “The Beaches” in Camps Bay, Cape Town, be inspected.

New Look Window Systems, a REHAU Authorised Partner based in Cape Town, returned to 'The Beaches' apartments to determine the condition of the original profiles, after their having been exposed, for over 24 years, to one of the most corrosive sea air environments. 

As expected, the REHAU uPVC windows and doors were still in excellent condition, showing NO signs of rotting, chalking, warping, cracking, yellowing or peeling, even though the apartments face the sea directly.

“This just confirms, once again, that REHAU uPVC profiles are superior to the traditional window systems installed in South Africa," says Jörn Junger of New Look Window Systems, who took the photographs and inspected the windows. "They are very durable and low maintenance.  We had to refit some of the door’s rollers and some hardware, but the profiles themselves are still in perfect condition. We at NLW recommend installing REHAU uPVC windows and doors.  They are tough, sturdy and durable.” 

Location  Camps Bay, Cape Town
FabricatorNew Look Window Systems
ComponentREHAU Ecotec 60mm
The Beaches, Cape Town, South Africa - 17174199
The Beaches Cape Town ZA 3 - 13513889
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