UPVC Windows Kirstenhof 2 - 13535

uPVC patio doors installed at residence for thermal insulation and safety.

UPVC Window Systems has completed the first phase of an installation consisting of several doors and windows at a private residence in Kirstenhof, Western Cape.  

The owner of this private residence chose double-glazed uPVC windows and doors for two reasons:

  • High thermal insulation and resultant energy cost savings. Temperature transfer through REHAU’s double-glazed uPVC windows and doors is limited, keeping a home comfortable all year round.
  • Excellent security.  Fitted with multi-point locking hardware, it is extremely difficult to break in through a locked window or door.  In this installation, the doors were fitted with 5 point locking mechanisms whereas the windows all have multi-point locks.

The owner is very pleased with the installation and will continue to replace the existing steel windows and doors in the near future with REHAU uPVC.

Location  Kirstenhof, Western Cape
SystemREHAU 60mm uPVC Window System
UPVC Windows Kirstenhof - 13538
UPVC Windows Kirstenhof 3 - 13536
UPVC Windows Kirstenhof 4 - 13537

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