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House bosch

REHAU Authorised Partner, Teva Windows, fabricated 47 casement windows and 17 French doors for House Bosch using REHAU Tritec 60mm uPVC profiles in white.  The owner chose uPVC with double glazing for the entire project to facilitate energy efficiency.  The ground floor double-glazing was further enhanced by adding armour-plated glass. 

House Bosch is an example of energy efficient building methods that can be used to insulate a building and curtail ever-increasing electricity costs. 

The double storey house was built using TASS (Thermal Acoustic Slab System) blocks for the floor slabs to conserve energy.  Expanded polystyrene hollow building blocks from APB Building Products were used to insulate the walls of the home.  Furthermore, heat pumps are used for the water heating system and Daikin inverter air-conditioning units keep the temperature in the house at a comfortable level. 

“Double glazed uPVC windows and doors are the obvious choice for energy efficiency and safety.  They also require very little maintenance and will never rot, warp or need sanding and painting”, said Pieter Malherbe of Teva Windows.

Location  Johannesburg, South Africa
Type of projectHigh specification, energy efficient residence
ComponentREHAU Tritec 60mm, white
FabricatorTeva Windows

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