Zero-joint edgeband with REHAU LaserEdge

Elevate your design with zero-seams and zero glue.

What is REHAU LaserEdge?

REHAU LaserEdgeTM is an edgeband with a pre-applied, co-extruded polymer functional layer that replaces the traditional glue used to apply edgeband, allowing for a much superior and seamless joint between the edgeband and the board and helps to achieve better moisture resistance, heat resistance and performance over time. It can be used with all zero-joint edgebanding machines including hot-air, laser, and NIR.

The edge of a laminated board is small, but perfecting this detail has been our focus for more than 50 years. We first presented LaserEdge in 2008 at REHAU Edgeband Symposium and since its market launch in 2009, zero-joint edgebanding has established itself as the new quality standard within the furniture industry across all sectors.

Customers understand the demand for higher quality finishes and longer lasting products. This technology is the best way for manufacturers and designers to meet that demand.

One edgeband for all technologies

Get a zero joint with three different technologies: laser, hot air or NIR. Our LaserEdge is compatible with all three technologies.

Laser technology

In this process, a laser beam is used to activate the functional layer, which then melts and permanently bonds to the rough surface of the substrate board. Thanks to its high efficiency, laser technology is used in many industrial applications.

Hot air technology

In this procedure, compressed hot air is used to melt the functional layer. This method is favoured by both commercial customers and smaller fabricators, as it is less expensive than laser technology.

NIR technology

Thermal energy can be quickly and precisely transferred with near infra-red technology. This makes it ideal for activating the functional layers of REHAU zero-joint edgebands.


Innovative zero-joint technology creates a seamless, adhesive-free finish.


  • Permanently invisible joint
  • Maximum light fastness of PP
  • Exact colour match of functional and decorative layer
  • Functional layer matched to the hardness of the decorative layer -> No rubbing out of the joint in daily use
  • No yellowing, no dirt spots


  • Durable, functional, invisible joint
  • Improved heat and moisture resistance
  • Maximum chemical resistance of PP
  • Increased moisture resistance especially for kitchen applications
  • Hygienic - Easy to clean


  • Very fast machine availability due to short heating time
  • No burning of the adhesive in the glue pot
  • No changeover of the adhesive for different colors, Functional layer always matches the edge > color change comes with the edge
  • No contamination of the unit by adhesive > no cleaning or special storage of the glue pot
  • No expenses for ordering and storage of adhesives, no consideration of expiration date of the adhesive
  • Can be used flexibly in alternation with adhesive
  • Clean manufacturing


We pay attention to details just like you.

Elevate your design with zero-seams and zero-glue with this innovative laser, hot air and NIR technology that creates a seamless, adhesive-free finish. Benefit of our polymer functional layer is the color selection, which is custom matched to the top layer of edgeband. This shows no seam and provides a clear transition. In contrast, on a pre-glue product the color selection is extremely limited and you can often see a small line of glue because the color is not matched. The use of the LaserEdge results in a component that is almost "as if cast from a single mould“.

M00-D1751 - 1099160


The benefits and differences in LaserEdge quality are long term – these products have better moisture resistance, heat resistance and performance over time. Glue changes colors and physically shrinks and swells, leaving a large gap where dirt collects and bacteria will grow, which causes the visual appeal to dramatically decrease over time. In contrast, REHAU LaserEdge allows for a seamless joint and a higher quality seal. Get perfect, seamless components with the 100% polymer functional layer. 100% colour match. 100% adhesive-free – tried and tested industrial quality.

The perfectionist:

Edgeband with 100% polymer functional layer

With the 100% polymer functional layer, you can achieve perfect seamless furniture components. 100% exact colour match and adhesive-free proven industrial quality.

■ ■ ■  Moisture resistant
■ ■ ■  UV resistant
■ ■ ■  Adhesion/hardness
■ ■ ■  Aesthetics

The classic: 

Primer edgeband

Glue is applied to the board or edge in the molten state.

Example EVA glue:

■ □ □  Moisture resistant
■ □ □  UV resistant
■ ■ □  Adhesion/hardness
■ □ □  Aesthetics

Example PUR glue:

■ ■ ■  Moisture resistant
■ □ □  UV resistant
■ ■ ■  Adhesion/hardness
■ □ □  Aesthetics


Our zero-joint technology helps to achieve a lot of savings in process steps and process resources. Basically, this product allows for a far cleaner operation. There’s no glue involved; glue pots are a maintenance nightmare and cause a lot of other manufacturing related problems like pre-heating, shutting down and burning.

IML_01779 - 1112388

IML_01780_EN - 1112387

One edgeband for all technologies

Engineering progress

Enhancing lives

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