RAUVISIO brilliant / SR – Acrylic laminate

RAUVISIO brilliant – Acrylic laminate

RAUVISIO brilliant acrylic laminate emphasises the latest trends in furniture and living space design. RAUVISIO brilliant’s outstanding depth effect makes it a great alternative to high-end lacquered elements within surfaces, allowing you to create exceptionally beautiful, coated front panels. The acrylic laminate material has numerous benefits, including long-term UV resistance – proven to last for at least 20 years of indoor use. Furthermore, it’s a versatile surface with outstanding colour and shine, and can be cut to size using standard woodworking tools. If that’s not enough to convince you, it can be bent and cut into virtually any shape, giving you total design freedom.

What’s more, when RAUVISIO brilliant is combined with RAUKANTEX pro polymer invisible joint edgebands and the latest processing technology, there’s no trace of the usual ‘frame’ effect.

Key features at-a-glance

So easy to work with:

  • Can be worked on with standard woodworking tools
  • Up to 60% cheaper to produce than lacquered components
  • Can be bent and trimmed to fit any design
  • High gloss milling radius

And great for your customers too:

  • Colour-fast and UV-resistant
  • Easy to clean

Finished co-extruded parts TÜV-tested according to AMK guidelines.

Förderung nachhaltiger Waldwirtschaft

Sustainability guaranteed

Every stage of the supply chain for our RAUVISIO brilliant surfaces is fully compliant with PEFC’s requirements for sustainable forestry – from the forest all the way through to the point we dispatch our pressed wood panels and components to customers.


RAUVISIO brilliant / SR
RAUVISIO brilliant / SR
RAUVISIO brilliant / SR
RAUVISIO brilliant / SR
RAUVISIO brilliant

Decorative design collection

M00-D1304 - 97346

Gloss 2411L
Matt 1412L

M00-D1305 - 97347

Gloss L1644L
Matt 2262L

Farbe Bianco

High-gloss V2778
Matt 1696L

F20-D166 - 12583259

High-gloss 5026B
Matt 1896L

F20-D154 - 12570185

High-gloss 5335B
Matt 1897L

F20-D164 - 12582004

High-gloss 1917L
Matt 1918L

F20-D156 - 12572466

High-gloss 5642B
Matt 1901L

F20-D157 - 12573183

High-gloss 5641B
Matt 1902L

F20-D161 - 12579604

Rame metallic
High-gloss 1678L
Matt 1904L

F20-D159 - 12574680

Gabbiano metallic
High-gloss 6339B
Matt 1900L

F20-D158 - 12573848

Cubanite metallic
High-gloss 5338B
Matt 1898L

2102L - 75810

High-gloss 2102L
Matt 2105L

F20-D160 - 12576121

Bigio metallic
High-gloss 6340B
Matt 1899L

F20-D165 - 12582718

High-gloss 1919L
Matt 1920L

2101L - 75809

High-gloss 2101L
Matt 2104L

2100L - 75808

High-gloss 2100L
Matt 2103L

F20-D155 - 12571027

High-gloss 5112B
Matt 1903L

The range at a glance

Individual components

RAUVISIO brilliant / SR

Laminate (2,800 x 1,300 x 0.7 mm / 2,440x1,220x0.7mm)

The thin acrylic laminate consists of a single PMMA/ABS layer, providing plenty of tensile strength to keep the surface smooth after processing.

RAUVISIO brilliant / SR

Balancing sheet (embossed, 2,800 x 1,300 x 0.6 mm / 2,440x1,220x0.7mm)

Our specially developed balancing sheet is a perfect colour match for the acrylic laminate. The strong materials used in our balancing sheets prevent the pressed board from warping

You can even press the laminates and balancing sheets together yourself using RAUVISIO Flat-Lam PUR, our specially developed PUR glue. 


RAUVISIO brilliant

High-gloss acrylic laminate, no hard coat finish.


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