The REHAU calculation software RAUCAD offers a professional, AutoCAD-based CAD program for the design, dimensioning and invitations to tender. RAUCAD enables simple drawing, calculation and dimensioning of 2D and 3D pipe networks for the fields of heating, drinking water, drainage water and stormwater. The software’s integrated assistant contains all required functions. With the integrated layout generator, pipe networks can be created and calculated in a standard-compliant manner with just a few clicks. The user is guided through the design process step-by-step by the easy-to-use program.


Desktop / Multifunction board

  • Project management
  • Quick-layer control
  • Medium table
  • Slot and breakthrough planning
  • Data integration with RAUWINAutomatic drawing label function
  • Layout, floor plan, 3D isometry and axionometric drawing
  • Route function
  • AutoRouting for component connection
  • Symbol library building technolgy


As an alternative to the widely used AutoCAD full version, we offer you CADinside. All important functions from Autodesk AutoCAD are also a part of CADinside.

  • CADinside for RAUCAD programs, powered by Autodesk Technology®

Drafting machine

The tool for the creation of revision documents or pure drawings without calculation:

  • Assistant-guided
  • Extensive symbol library of building technology components
  • Drawing of heating/cooling systems for floors, walls and ceilings

Building manager

With the new assistant-guided building manager, you can enter the complete building directly in the CAD system in just a few steps. Functions include the drawing of walls, windows and doors as well as the direct generation of the 3D building model. This 3D building model is transferred to RAUWIN Profi and the heating load calculated automatically. Calculated radiator systems and underfloor heating/cooling systems are automatically drawn into the CAD plan.

  • Assistant-guided
  • Management of all floors in one drawing
  • Multiple adjacent floor plans also possible
  • Automatic generation of 3D model
  • Navigation in the drawing
  • Import of images, dwg and pdf files
  • Drawing of sloping ceilings and correct calculation of the heating and cooling loads
  • Updates the RAUWIN project when plans are changed in CAD

2D/3D pipe system calculations

In the field of pipe system calculation, REHAU offers a CAD-based tool for drawing and calculating pipe systems. An assistant guides you through the design process step by step.
With the new layout generator, you can draw complete piping diagrams in just a few steps.


  • Pipe system calculation for 2-pipe systems and Tichelmann
  • Includes hydraulic balancing of the system, also with multiple rule levels
  • Calculation with various system temperatures, incl. mixers
  • Hydraulic assistant for circuits in the heating pipe network
  • Freely definable medium table, e.g. for calculation with water-glycol mixture
  • VDI 3805 interface for valve data
  • Residential and decentralized drinking water station
  • Dimensioning of the pump with manufacturer data

Cooling system

  • Hydraulic assistant for circuits in the cooling pipe network
  • Freely definable medium table, e.g. for calculation with water-glycol mixture
  • VDI 3805 interface for valve data

Drinking water

  • Drinking water network calculation in accordance with DIN 1988-300 / DIN EN 806-3
  • Drinking water network calculation in accordance with SVGW W3 (Switzerland)
  • Circulation calculation in accordance with DVGW worksheets W551 and W553
  • Hydraulic balancing across multiple levels
  • Calculation of multiple hot water heater in a pipe system
  • REHAU Zeta values
  • Calculation of discharge times in accordance with DIN 1988-200 or Schöneberg ruling (102 C 55/94)


  • Drainage pipe networks in accordance with DIN EN 12056 / DIN 1986-100
  • Rainwater drainage incl. rainfall intensity table of 90 locations
  • Data import via KOSTRA-DWD

Language packs

The software is multilingual, which means that you choose the material assortment for a country (region), the interface language for operation and the printout language. This enables you to design an international construction project in accordance with the language requirements.

The following languages are available for operation and printouts:

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Turkish
  • Russian


REHAU provides competent and professional support before, during and after your purchase of the software. Each new licence includes free participation in the RAUWIN seminar.

Even after the training, you will receive the support you require. An expert team is at your disposal by phone or email to provide assistance with any questions you may have about our design software. Extensive support services are available free of charge to all software customers after the training course:

System requirements

The REHAU design software is delivered on a USB stick containing the entire RAUCAD installation package. With new licences, a program protection adapter (dongle) is supplied in addition, which must be connected with your computer in order to use the software.

Operating systems

  • Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • Windows 8 (64-bit)
  • Windows 10 (64-bit)

AutoCAD compatibility

As an alternative to the RAUCAD CAD-Platform, AutoCAD 2015-2017 can be used as the CAD-Platform.

Software maintenance

The software maintenance contract ensures that the software is up-to-date and corresponds to the current standards in terms of technology.

The plannable annual costs associated with a maintenance contract prevent the high update costs that can otherwise occur with individual updates after some years.

The software maintenance is based on purchased licences, whether as new purchases or updates.

RAUCAD software maintenance includes:

  • Use of the RAUCAD Hotline
  • Operability under current Windows operating systems
  • Adjustment of operability on the respective current AutoCAD versions
  • Update of CADinside
  • Update of the calculation software if the standards and rules of the underlying technology change.


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