Roccia – The spirit of the mountains

A color from the top of the world

Himalaya is the youngest, highest and most legendary mountain range on earth.

Its stunning summits, including Mount Everest and Nanga Parbat (known locally as ‘Huge Mountain’) have fascinated people for centuries.

The range connects the Indian subcontinent with the Tibetan Plateau. It is home to the gods of four different religions, and its breathtaking beauty radiates raw, natural charisma.

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Mountains to captivate you



Above the tree line and below its permanent ice cap, Himalaya takes on a color those lucky enough to have seen it will never forget.



A grey that is both restrained and imposing, it manages to pull off cool and classic at the same time. Its sheer complexity is sure to bewitch any observer.

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The atmosphere at these altitudes is unique – not least thanks to the unique greys of the mountains.


Roccia – more than just a grey

Our Roccia color for kitchen surfaces is just as varied as the greys in the mountains. It is extremely versatile and can be easily and flexibly combined with a range of kitchen styles and designs. Roccia is available in:

Roccia-matt - 76533

Brilliant matt

Roccia - Brilliant hochglänzend

​​​​​​​Brilliant high-gloss

Roccia – a color straight from nature

Use Roccia grey to bring the magic of the high mountains into your customers’ homes.

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Take your inspiration from our passion for the mountains.


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