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Why choose a tambour door system?

Individual, versatile and space-saving

When it comes to interior design, sophisticated, stylish and flexible solutions are right at the top of the wish list. Whether you’re looking to create a unique look or a fusion of living and work space, today’s residents expect interiors that are a perfect match for their lifestyles. And they need to be compact too, as the continuing mega-trend towards urban living means that more and more people are sharing the same space.

Whether at home, at work, or in shops, REHAU’s comprehensive tambour door range lets you unleash your creativity and turn ordinary furniture into unique masterpieces guaranteed to impress. At the same time, tambour door solutions can also do the opposite: They can hide objects and functional spaces, and reveal them again when they are needed. They can transform an office into a living room in an instant, or make a wardrobe disappear behind a decorative surface. This allows one room to fulfil multiple functions at the same time – and it saves space too, since there are no folding, hinged or sliding doors to get in the way.

Discover the variety of the world of tambour doors

Please note: The product images shown are intended to provide inspiration, and may not be included in the current product range.

A tambour door solution for the office
A tambour door solution for the study
A tambour door solution for the garage

Tambour door solutions for the hallway

Anyone who lives with a small entry corridor knows the problems: Hardly any storage space, scratched surfaces, trip hazards from open shoe cupboard doors. Tambour doors help to make better use of the limited space in an entrance area: Shoes, bags or jackets vanish behind an aesthetic, colour-customisable surface. In addition to design flexibility, a tambour door system in the apartment corridor offers functional advantages; especially in confined entrance areas, conflicts between front door and cupboard door are avoided, and bruises from banging your legs against shoe cupboard doors become a thing of the past too.

Schrankrollladen-Lösungen für den Flur

See how a tambour door creates more space in your hallway. The front door can be opened with no problem.

IML_01458 - 15855341

Without tambour doors, cramped entrances create an obstacle course.

Tambour door solutions for the kitchen

Alcoves used creatively: In small kitchens, making good use of the limited space can be difficult. Here, one such space becomes a fully functional cupboard by means of a tambour door. Because of the wall cupboards over the worktop, there is no better alternative to using a tambour door. Also: With a pull-out shelf, the usable space can even extend over the sink – ideal for kitchen facilities you don’t use all the time.

A tambour door solution for the kitchen

A tambour cupboard offers protection from dust and dirt without compromising on practicality.

IML_01466 - 15858303

In small alcoves such as these, standard doors create all sorts of problems.

Tambour door solutions for the bathroom

In older building renovations or new apartments in urban spaces, there is often little space for the bathroom area. As a result, the available space must be optimized. After all, especially in the bathroom, you need space to store cosmetic products and cleaning agents and have them quickly at hand. One efficient solution is to use essential components, such as the partition wall to the shower alcove, as storage space. And furniture featuring tambour doors complements efficiency with elegance. The cupboard’s practical flush closing mechanism keeps everything tidy without limiting your design options.

A tambour door solution for the bathroom

Tambour doors are an ultra-stylish way of avoiding open shelves in alcoves.

IML_01462 - 15857126

Folding doors take up space, making them far from ideal for small bathrooms.

Tambour door solutions for the bedroom

In bedrooms, the space under the bed is typically used as storage space. Blankets, pillows, bed linen and other things for which hygiene plays a major role are stored here. A closure system prevents a build-up of dust and dirt. Pull-out or roller containers can be great for small rooms.

A tambour door solution for the bedroom

Tambour doors allow full use of the storage space across the entire width of the bed.

IML_01473 - 15860137

Without them, the containers can’t be pulled out fully, making the storage space difficult to access.

Tambour door solutions for the living room

Creating more storage space needs innovative ideas. And getting it right can really enhance the appearance of your home. Take this elegant solution, for instance. A round coffee table with tambour cupboards provides storage space for magazines, remote controls or even a cocktail cabinet. This individual piece of furniture also has advantages in households with children: A lockable feature is available for storing items that are not suitable for children. And what’s more, its round shape reduces the risk of injury for small children.

A tambour door solution for the living room

Tambour doors create an elegant design solution that combines aesthetics with practicality.

IML_01477 - 15861312

Without them, sharp edges increase the risk of injury, especially for small children.

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