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“I wasn’t afraid to mix and match the cabinet doors, colors or counter tops. Many designers came to me and said, what are you trying to do here? No one had done this before, thinking it was too much mixing and matching – but it works."

-- Arlene Chapman

A Color Hair Salon | Houston

This Houston Hair Salon Mixes REHAU Materials and Colors for Award Winning Style

When her Houston hair salon was flooded during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Arlene Chapman wanted to start fresh and rebuild even better than before. Her sense of adventure when it comes to color and texture resulted in a contemporary salon clients can’t stop talking about.

One of Chapman’s clients, who had recently renovated her home, recommended REHAU cabinet doors. After researching the high quality of craftsmanship and great price, she got in touch with Kitchen & Home Design, a cabinet shop in her neighborhood, to see some samples. There she met Project Manager Samer Elqutub and knew she’d come to the right place when she found a showroom full of REHAU modern surfaces.

Mamoon Braiga, product developer at Kitchen & Home Design, explained his initial introduction to REHAU cabinet doors saying, “We came across REHAU a few years ago at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show. We started working with a member of the sales team and within six months our showroom had the complete REHAU program line.”

Chapman already had her heart set on a backsplash with a unique combination of patterns and colors inspired by the seashore and wanted to create the salon’s entire design around it. Elqutub showed her REHAU doors that would complement her pallet. He knew she wanted something modern, so together they chose three REHAU surfaces: the textured woodgrain RAUVISIO terra in Vineyard Oak and the high-gloss RAUVISIO brilliant Gabbiano and RAUVISIO brilliant Magnolia. While this trio of products and colors may seem unusual to some, Chapman knew exactly what she wanted.

“I wasn’t afraid to mix and match the cabinet doors, colors or countertops. Many designers came to me and said, what are you trying to do here? No one had done this before, thinking it was too much mixing and matching – but it works. Elqutub saw and trusted my vision. It is a blended yumminess of charm. The color scheme and different textures tie everything together,” said Chapman.

ProjectA Color Hair Salon | Houston
Project typeNew construction, completed in 2019
Cabinet manufacturerKitchen & Home Design
REHAU products usedRAUVISIO terra™ Vineyard Oak and RAUVISIO brilliant™ Gabbiano and Magnolia with perfectly matched REHAU LaserEdge™ technology

RAUVISIO terra Vineyard Oak was used for the lower cabinets throughout the salon. Chapman recalled what she liked best about this surface saying, “The texture and contrast went beautifully with the salon floors. These cabinets also tied in all the tops – the greys and beiges in the upper cabinets, backsplash and walls. It looked amazing and so high end with everything in the space.” Elqutub chimed in, “I liked the look and feel of RAUVISIO terra. These doors looked like real wood and the REHAU LaserEdge technology is superior. I haven’t seen anything else like it out there.”

RAUVISIO brilliant Gabbiano and RAUVISIO brilliant Magnolia doors were used for the upper cabinets and entryway to the salon. This high-gloss product surpasses premium lacquered boards with its brilliant depth effect. Unlike competitive surfaces that use a clear top layer, the REHAU surface has a color-matched PMMA top layer, adding depth and enhancing UV resistance. These elegant, glossy grey and creamy white tones complemented the natural, deeply grained RAUVISIO terra cabinet doors, with each surface playing off the other.

Beyond the mix-match of colors, the variety in the cabinet designs adds to the uniqueness of the project. Little is predictable, from the interesting layout of the different spaces in the salon to the orientation of the cabinets – some vertical and some horizontal – to the variety of opening configurations – some doors open upwards and others open sideways. Elqutub said, “It was fun to play around with the design and REHAU products in different ways.”

After three short months of construction, Chapman reflected on the final product saying, “WOW! I couldn’t believe the end result. I love coming to work and am very proud of this project. All of my clients said the new space was elegant, but super welcoming and inviting with the warm colors and sharp contrasts. I even passed out the REHAU business card to a few people.”

“The owner had some great ideas, and with our experience and expertise, we came up with some awesome results,” said Elqutub. “We enjoyed working on this project. We found it was very quick and easy to place orders through the online cabinet door order portal,” explained Elqutub.

Everyone involved in the project said they would use REHAU again in the future and recommend them to others. “Anyone who comes looking for a European-style modern cabinet…REHAU is my first choice,” said Elqutub.

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