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RAUVISIO Surfaces Create a High-gloss Haven in Tulsa Home

All that glitters is not gold…it’s gloss. The shine of RAUVISIO radiant and RAUVISIO brilliant high-gloss surfaces caught the attention of homeowners Rusty and Syndy Thrash for their residential remodel in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The 4,000 square foot residence, built in the 1960s, was a good price for the couple looking to downsize. However, the home was in terrible condition and lacked the clean, modern and open feel desired by the couple. “We loved the outside of the house, but we decided to gut the whole interior,” Syndy Thrash says. “Everything was replaced except for the brick on the front of the house.”

Designer Marci Hamburger from Hamburger and Associates worked with the Thrashes to help them bring a fresh design into their renovated home. She brought the couple to Elite Cabinets in south Tulsa, where they met cabinet manufacturer Brandon Massey. Massey introduced the Thrashes to REHAU cabinet doors at the shop’s showroom and they instantly knew they had found what they had been searching for.

“The couple had a modern style and wanted to create a bright feel in their home,” says Massey, who has been using REHAU cabinet doors since coming across them at KBIS in 2015. “They liked the glossy look, so they picked three RAUVISIO high-gloss colors.”

In the kitchen, which Massey notes is unique due to its spaciousness and massive island, the couple chose RAUVISIO brilliant Meringa for the upper cabinets and RAUVISIO radiant Grey Pine for the lower cabinets. The Thrashes continued the color palette into their master bathroom where they used RAUVISIO radiant Grey Pine for their extensive wall of cabinets and RAUVISIO brilliant Meringa for the smaller cabinets below the mirrors.

Project TypeHome remodel, completed in 2018 
DesignerHamburg and Company 
Cabinet Manufacturer Elite Cabinets
REHAU Products

RAUVISIO brilliant™ , RAUVISIO radiant in Grey Pine and Storm Grey with with perfectly matched REHAU LaserEdge™ technology

“What I like about the RAUVISIO brilliant surface is its superior gloss level, flatter surface and laser edgebanding that gives it a flawless look,” Massey says. “It’s also extremely cleanable and wipe-able.” Keeping their grandchildren in mind, the durable surfaces offered by both of the RAUVISIO high-gloss collections were especially attractive to the Thrashes when choosing their cabinets.

The couple was not only satisfied with the functionality of RAUVISIO brilliant; they were also impressed by the unique design offered by its high-gloss finish. “RAUVISIO brilliant looks contemporary and is not like anything you see in a normal house,” Thrash says.

As for RAUVISIO radiant, Massey likes the “sleek and modern” feel it gives the bathroom, which echoes the “flawless look” thanks to the seamless finish of REHAU LaserEdge.

The Thrashes were pleased with the touch of flair RAUVISIO radiant added to their home design. “My husband picked out RAUVISIO radiant. He’s a little wilder than I am,” Thrash says. “The designer said it would be beautiful, so we went with it. We wanted a new grey color.” For the cabinets in their laundry room, they ended up choosing another RAUVISIO radiant surface, Storm Grey.

The couple stuck with white- and grey-colored surfaces to maintain a cohesive, current design that invigorates a spacious feel throughout the home. “We wanted whites and greys to keep it clean,” Thrash explains. “Those colors opened up the space compared to the old and dark wooden cabinets that were there previously.”

Although the Thrashes have since sold the remodeled home, they wouldn’t change a thing about the project. In fact, they feel the quality of the cabinets is ultimately what made selling the home easier. The couple loved the high-gloss surfaces offered by the RAUVISIO brilliant and radiant collections so much that they plan to use them again in their next home. “We will use the exact same cabinetry in our new home,” Thrash says. “I wouldn’t do another kitchen without using REHAU cabinet doors.

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