REHAU edgeband solutions

Customers increasingly expect all their furniture to combine great looks with outstanding quality. Manufacturers have to adapt accordingly. Whatever your edgeband requirements, REHAU’s RAUKANTEX range has the perfect solution in terms of style, functionality and ease of use.

From traditional RAUKAUNTEX pure, our easy to use, primer-based edgeband, to our entry-level invisible joint RAUKANTEX plus edgeband and right through to our premium, all polymer RAUKANTEX pro surface edgeband solution, we’ve got exactly what you need.

The right edgeband for any job

Invisible joint edging

An edgeband for any technique

RAUKANTEX pro and RAUKANTEX plus give you the flexibility to work the way you want.

Primer edgebands


Traditional primer edgebands are suitable for any application, and available in any length or pattern.

Three techniques for invisible joints

With RAUKANTEX plus and RAUKANTEX pro edgebands, there are three different techniques you can use to achieve a perfect invisible joint: laser, hot air or NIR.


In this process, a laser beam is used to activate the functional layer, causing it to melt and form a permanent bond with the rough surface of the substrate. Laser technology is now used in many industrial applications.


In this procedure, compressed hot air is used to melt the functional layer. This method is favoured by commercial and smaller fabricators, as it is less expensive than the laser technology.


The Near-infrared technology (NIR) allows thermal energy to be transferred quickly and accurately to exactly where it’s needed, making it ideal for activating the functional layers of REHAU invisible joint edgebands.



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